Charlotte Crosby flaunts her curves after going on a foul-mouthed rant at body shamers who said she had gained weight

Charlotte Crosby flaunts her curves after she releases a foul-mouthed rant at body shamers who called her out for gaining weight.

                            Charlotte Crosby flaunts her curves after going on a foul-mouthed rant at body shamers who said she had gained weight
Charlotte Crosby (Source:Getty Images)

Charlotte Crosby decided to school all the haters as she flaunted her curves in a bikini confidently in response to body shamers. She called out the body-shaming trolls in a foul-mouthed Instagram video. 

The reality TV star received many vicious and negative comments on her social media pictures claiming that she had gained a ton of weight. Charlotte responded to the critics with a foul-mouthed rant. As she lay next to her boyfriend Joshua Ritchie on holiday in St. Lucia, she said, "All the people commenting on my photos saying 'you have put weight on', you are larger in your real pictures. So here is video footage of my body."

In the video, Crosby can be seen wearing a pretty white lace crop top and no underwear as she showed off her flat stomach to prove that she was in great shape. "Same position as on my Instas, you c****. There are certain positions I may be in where I may look...See that little roll there. The natural roll of a sitting position!" she said. 

Crosby's boyfriend Josh also supported his girlfriend in the video and the toned Josh showed off his bad angles for the camera and squeezed his belly rolls as a joke. 

Charlotte took the opportunity to prove her haters wrong twice and showed off just how fit she was as she sat by the pool. 

In the evening, Josh decided to surprise his girlfriend for her 28th birthday with a sweet gesture and went on to sprinkle rose petals all over their hotel room and in their bathtub. Charlotte shared the thoughtful gesture on her social media and wrote, "CUTEST SURPRISE EVER 😍. Thankyou @joshuaritchie1 for making my day special."

The couple was been joined by Charlotte's former Geordie Shore co-star, Holly Hagan and her boyfriend Jacob Blyth on their vacation. 

Her violent reaction comes after she was seen struggling to fit into a size 8 outfit from her In The Style range on her MTV programme The Charlotte Show. The back of her mini yellow mini-skirt ripped open to show her bare backside. "I feel so much pressure. All eyes are on me to look good in these clothes. I'm having a bad time again. How embarrassing. I’m meant to be the ambassador for the brand and now none of the clothes fit us?" she said. 

Earlier in the week, Charlotte had opened up about her battle with death anxiety which has impacted her life ever since she was a child. She spoke to Heat and shared that the anxiety becomes so extreme that her "whole body is left feeling empty. I get this thing called death anxiety where I think I’m going to die," she revealed.

"I’m so worried because I’m scared about dying and it’s the worst thing in the world I feel my heart pumping through my chest and feel like my whole body is empty because I’m so scared about dying. It’s been going on since I was little," she continued. 

Charlotte shared, "I don’t know if it’s anxiety or a panic attack because I suddenly feel like I can’t breathe and sometimes I get so bad I feel like I’m going to die. I do also get times when I feel anxious but when I have something bad it’s almost like a panic attack." 

She says that the way she tries to deal with her situation is by speaking positively to herself. "I think the best way to try and tackle it is to tell yourself something that is going to make yourself feel better. As soon as I get through that door and see me mam, it will all be ok and I will feel safe, and that made me feel much better but I had to tell myself that over and over again until I believe it," she shared.