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Charlie Puth sparks Lady Gaga vs Whitney Houston debate: ‘Don’t compare that long chin b***h to Whitney again’

Charlie Puth had tweeted after watching Lady Gaga singing at the national anthem Joe Biden's inauguration: 'And Gaga arrangement was giving me Whitney 1991 vibes. What a great day!!!'
Lady Gaga, Charlie Puth and Whitney Houston (Getty Images)
Lady Gaga, Charlie Puth and Whitney Houston (Getty Images)

Queen of Pop Lady Gaga won hearts with her rendition of the national anthem at Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony. The 34-year-old singer sang 'The Star-Spangled Banner' and it held weight as Kamala Harris, the first woman of Asian descent, was sworn-in as the first Black vice-president of the United States.  

Along with Gaga's performance, Jennifer Lopez sang her mash-up of 'This Land Is Your Land' and 'America the Beautiful' and Garth Brooks made a political statement with his 'Amazing Grace' performance. The golden dove brooch on Gaga's chest raised many eyebrows and drew comparisons with the young adult book/movie series, 'The Hunger Games'.

US President-elect Joe Biden greets singer Lady Gaga during his inauguration on the West Front of the US Capitol (Getty Images)

The singer's voice was compared to Whitney Houston and that somehow ruffled one too many feathers online. The discussion first stirred when Charlie Puth tweeted, “And Gaga arrangement was giving me Whitney 1991 vibes. What a great day!!!”


In no time, his tweet collected over 11,000 likes and fans couldn't help but express their displeasure at that thought. “DELETE, you’re gonna get her dragged,” one said and another posted, “Her voice will NEVER be anywhere near Whitney’s never say this EVER again.” A third shared, “You shouldn’t be allowed to have any more opinions after this travesty. Don’t speak on Whitney Elizabeth Houston again.”

A fourth added, “Gaga has a great voice and is very talented, but she and Whitney Houston don't belong in the same sentence. Let's file this now and commit it to memory so we don't have to have this discussion again.” Defending him, one fan posted, “Whitney is like his favorite artist ever, he just said that it gives him that 1991's Whitney vibe, chill tf.”





Trolling him, one Internet user said, “You have half of an eyebrow, don’t compare that long chin b***h to Whitney again,” and another wrote, “Which Whitney? Whitney Dallas? Whitney Austin? Whitney Corpus Christi? Because I know you don't mean Whitney Houston.”



The tweet sparked a huge debate online over who was better, Lady Gaga or Whitney Houston? “Whitney Houston’s anthem is unmatched so there will be no comparison where nobody can complete. Keep her name out y’all mouth and tweets with any hint of saying someone was on her level,” one Twitter user wrote

Venture investor Chriss Sacca tweeted, “A pal is trying to argue that the Gaga anthem was better than Whitney at the Super Bowl. How dare he during a time of national healing?! That said, I can’t wait to get back to fighting about important shit like this on Twitter. You know, as the Founders intended.”



Watch the two performances here:

Whitney Houston: 1991 Performance


Lady Gaga: 2021 Biden Inauguration


Do you think comparing Lady Gaga to Whitney Houston is wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments below.