Charlie Puth reveals he was dating BTS Jungkook in 'Left and Right', fans say 'get in line'

Charlie Puth reveals he was dating BTS Jungkook in 'Left and Right', fans say 'get in line'
Charlie Puth confirms fan theories about the music video for 'Left and Right' as BTS ARMY call Jungkook the American singer's 'gay awakening' (Charlie Puth/YouTube)

Jungkook of BTS had always been vocal about his love for American-born singer and composer Charlie Puth and soon after the two performed their first collab at a Korean award show, fans were sure it was a match made in heaven. Looks like the duo took it way too seriously and channeled the same energy into Charlie's latest music video for 'Left and Right' which was released on June 24 this year. The single broke many records immediately after it dropped which seemed to have overwhelmed Charlie so much so that the singer is now a Jungkook stan all over Twitter.

With 'Left and Right' Jungkook became the first BTS member to start his solo journey after the announcement of their group hiatus as he collaborated with Charlie and was featured in the music video for the song. The melody was an instant fan-favorite but the music video for 'Left and Right' had fans with their theory glasses suspecting a homosexual relationship between the two characters portrayed by Charlie and Jungkook respectively. Looks like fans' theories are being confirmed by Charlie himself and fans are not able to keep calm.


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Charlie Puth confirms fan theories about 'Left and Right'

Since the release of 'Left and Right' was a huge success, Charlie is being asked a lot of questions about his collaboration with BTS' golden maknae and the singer is all gushy about his feelings for Jungkook. This initially had fans joking that Jungkook would be turning out to be Charlie's 'gay awakening' and in good humor fans suggested that the singer was so enamored by Jungkook's beauty that he would eventually come out as homosexual. The music video for 'Left and Right' has a limited cast of three people that is Charlie, his 'love therapist', and Jungkook.

The video opens with Charlie discussing issues about his love life where he is still hounded by memories of his past lover with his therapist. As the video progresses, Jungkook in a different room confirms the same feelings that Charlie shares only for it to be revealed that Jungkook is only in Charlie's mind after all. Fans claimed that the plot seemed like that of a BL drama or a gay romance and Charlie's recent Instagram story somewhat confirms that theory.

Charlie posted a screenshot of a comment from his music video where a user complimented the singer for 'normalizing this' as they theorized that, "the two guys are occupying each other’s mind, which I think is great!". In his Instagram story, Charlie added the emojis '😎😀' which was confirmation enough for Jungkook's fans.

Charlie Puth shares a comment from his music video for 'Left and Right' confirming his homosexual relationship with Jungkook for the plot of the song (@charlieputh/Instagram)

'Gays never lose'

Fans are sure that this subtle confirmation from Charlie added to his recent gushy revelations about Jungkook's beauty and talent means that he is coming for their throne as they ask the singer to get in line. One fan said, "But still Charlie needs to get in the line exception!" Another fan said, "Mr. Charlie you gotta get in line though it's a long one." Another fan said, "Mmmm sorry???? If you mean Jungkook then please get in the line. Don't push each other. Keep 6' distance. Don't touch each other thank you." One more fan said, "I can’t believe charlie puth got to have his gay awakening over actual irl jeon jungkook im sick." Another fan said, "Jungkook was charlie’s gay awakening." One fan said, "ANOTHER WIN FOR THE GAYS LESGO." One fan joked, "Lol charlie wants us to ship him with jungkook so bad."












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