Charli XCX confesses love for Lady Gaga's 'Chromatica' and lists her favorite tracks, fans demand a collab

Her confession immediately endeared her to Lady Gaga's fans who lauded her for her great taste in music

                            Charli XCX confesses love for Lady Gaga's 'Chromatica' and lists her favorite tracks, fans demand a collab
Charli XCX , Lady Gaga (Getty Images)

Dance pop star Charli XCX recently opened up about her love for Lady Gaga's 'Chromatica' album on social media and also listed her favorite tracks for fans while she was at it. The star of the Netflix reality docuseries 'Im With The Band: Nasty Cherry' had recently told fans that she had included Lady Gaga on a recent Spotify playlist she was making on July 10, so it came as no surprise when she recently professed her love for her latest album, 'Chromatica' which finally released on May 29 earlier this year. Charli XCX's latest album, the "do-it-yourself" fan-assembled 'How I'm Feeling Now' released on May 15, so the pop singer had clearly been keeping tabs on the record's widespread appeal.

Charli XCX at St Jerome's Laneway Festival on February 08, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia (Getty Images)

On the evening of July 12, Charli XCX, whose real name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison, tweeted: "Not sure if I mentioned this yet but I really liked Chromatica." Little Monsters everywhere (Lady Gaga's fans) immediately started commending her on her exquisite taste in music, with one fan saying, "PURR AS U SHOULD" and another fan saying "Because you have what? TASTE." Another Lady Gaga die-hard said, "Thank you queen, you deserve the world." 

This also endeared her to other happy Lady Gaga supporters, who immediately tweeted about their love for her, saying "LEGENDS SUPPORTING LEGENDS" and "That's why we stan." Many others were also keen on hearing Charli XCX collaborating with Lady Gaga in the future, with one fan declaring, "I can really hear u on a 911 remix," and another insisting, "Girl we need a collab, period." Other admirers chimed in, saying "OMGGG YES LADY GAGA COLLAB, I LOVE YOU" and "911 remix ft Charli XCX, I am speaking it into existence."


When numerous fans asked what her favorite songs off the 'Chromatica' record were, Charli XCX, who incidentally has sound-to-color synesthesia (meaning she can see music as colors), tweeted: "Lots of favs, but I need to be specific: tracklist order of the first 6 tracks is sooo slamming in the best way. Really hits good." She then added, "The pre-chorus of 'Free Woman' is undeniable. 'Rain On Me' is my fav single. Feel like 'Alice' sets the tone perfect. '911' slaps. 'Babylon' great end." 

Fans were over the moon with her choices, with one Little Monster saying: "Your order is incredible Charli, Gaga delivered one of the best albums. Thank you so much for loving Chromatica, have you chosen your tribe?" Another admirer declared she was a "better reviewer than Pitchfork." A fan also tweeted, "I didn’t think I could possibly love you more, but now I do." As another supporter concluded, "Omg, I mean you did create masterpieces, we love your taste." If anything, this revelation has just built up even more fan demand for a Lady Gaga and Charli XCX collaboration!

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