New documentary claims that Meghan Markle is related to prime Jack the Ripper suspect, H.H. Holmes

New documentary claims that Meghan Markle is related to prime Jack the Ripper suspect, H.H. Holmes
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Meghan Markle is looking forward to a happy marriage come May 19 but seems like the days leading to the happy occasion are going to be difficult. First, it was photos of her father Thomas Markle plastered over the Internet and then it was revealed that Samantha Markle, her half-sister had a role to play in getting those photos staged. Her father then dropped out from attending the wedding and now this!

A new documentary that has aired already, has claimed that soon-to-be-royal Meghan Markle is related to a murderer from the Victorian-era who has long been thought to be Jack the Ripper.

According to the documentary, Markle is related to Dr. H.H. Holmes who is also known as "America's first serial killer". Some experts believe that he is the one who is responsible for the gruesome murders that took place at Whitechapel.

Jeff Mudgett, a lawyer from the US and another descendant of H.H. Holmes, was the one who made the recent claims that Markle was related to the killer after a lot of investigation into him.


The notorious serial killer used to kill his victims at his hotel in Englewood near Chicago which has been referred to as a "murder trap". Holmes admitted to 27 of the murders even though some people think that he might be responsible for at least 200 deaths in total.

Soon-to-be-royal Meghan Markle is allegedly related to America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes (Source:Getty Images)

Mudgett is Holmes' great, great, great grandson and he said that after doing a lot of handwriting analysis and looking at other details of the investigation into Jack the Ripper, he came up with the conclusion that his ancestor Holmes was the one who committed the murders when he went for a trip to London.

When Mudgett did some ancestral research into Holmes, he found out that Markle was also related to the notorious serial killer. In the documentary, Meet The Markles, he told Channel 4: "We did a study with the FBI and CIA and Scotland Yard regarding handwriting analysis."


"It turns out [Holmes] was Jack the Ripper. This means Meghan is related to Jack the Ripper."

When talking about Markle's connection to the serial killer, he said: "I don't think the Queen knows. I am not proud he is my ancestor. Meghan won't be either."

The documentary will be aired on May 15, 2018 at 10pm. It shows presenter Amelia Dimoldenberg tracking down Markles' relatives and finding out details about her life that were previously not known.

According to the network, the presenter met a man who was Markles' first kiss, went to a cannabis trade fair with Markles' nephew and also ate alligator nuggets in Florida with one of her other relatives.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said: "The show is humorous and warm in tone and all of the people Amelia meets give their own opinion about their connection to Meghan."

Who is H.H. Holmes?

H.H. Holmes, or Herman Webster Mudgett, was a rich and well-read doctor who lived in the Windy City, Chicago. He moved to the city from his hometown in New Hampshire in 1884. He ended up becoming the owner of a drugstore and opened a hotel, as well, in the suburb of Englewood.


However, the 60-room boarding house was known by many as a "murder trap" because it was constructed in such a way that Holmes was able to have easy access to his would-be victims who stayed there.

The hotel was dubbed "The Murder Castle" and Holmes had designed it with windowless rooms that were fitted with gas lines and body chutes so that he could move his sedated or already deceased victims to the basement of the building.

It was revealed that some of his victims were locked into their bedrooms and asphyxiated using the gas lines that were fixed in the rooms. Those rooms were also soundproofed so that any screams of terror that came from within would never be heard from the outside.

Other victims were put into a bank vault that was also soundproofed. These victims were also kept until they eventually asphyxiated and died.

After the victims died in such horrible circumstances, Holmes would drop their bodies into the basement using the hidden body chutes. He would then dissect their bodies and sell their skeletons to medical schools in the area.


The prolific killer was caught after being unnoticed for a long time and he admitted to the authorities that he killed 27 people. Some experts, however, believe that he was responsible for the deaths of at least 200.

H.H. Holmes was finally hanged in May 1896.

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