Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper top list of Billboard's 2018 R&B/Hip-Hop 100 Power Players

Recognizing those who have contributed in making Hip-Hop one of the most popular genres of our era, Billboard's list also includes names like Rihanna and Drake.

                            Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper top list of Billboard's 2018 R&B/Hip-Hop 100 Power Players

While Hip-Hop has certainly transcended from being just a form of street music to becoming one of the most popular music genres of our times, Billboard has taken up the responsibility of recognizing its massive cultural influences.

After compiling the inaugural list for Hip-Hop Power Players, Billboard has finally announced this year's list of R&B/Hip-Hop 100 Power Players. 

Quality Control’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Kevin “Coach K” Lee, the duo behind Migos and Lil Baby, have been leading Billboard’s annual list of the top 100 executives and creatives, and this year both Thomas and Lee had to make some tough calls in order to finalize the list.

This year, Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar top the list of all those whose works have not only affected the consumer behavior but has created some revolutionary changes in the way the genre is perceived. As Billboard notes, the list also takes into consideration factors such as, "company growth; career trajectory; reputation among peers; and overall impact in the hip-hop industry during the past 12 months." 


Both Chance and Lamar have had quite a successful ride last year with Chance winning the 2017 Grammy for the best new artist, and Lamar straightway landing on the most elevated pedestal by earning a Pulitzer for his 2017 album, 'DAMN'.

It probably then shouldn't come as a surprise that the two rappers have topped the list. As was already mentioned, other than musicians Hip-Hop Power Players also recognizes all those who have brought Hip-Hop as a genre to the forefront. Marleny Dominguez-Reyes, the senior VP marketing of Republic Records, who has played a key role in making Post Malone one of rap's biggest success stories, has been named on the list for her relentless efforts in giving rap artists their deserving platform.


On the other hand, Rihanna, who stands third in the list, has been praised for her Fenty Beauty line which cut down the conventional concepts of beauty in the cosmetic industry and has almost compelled the industry to reconsider its consumers' needs. However, compiling the list must have been difficult when it comes to maintaining authenticity.

While searching in the list for songs that do not qualify as Hip-Hop, both Thomas and Lee had to encounter some dilemma when it came to songs which were backed up by Hip-Hop artists. Songs like Maroon 5's 'Girls Like You' and Ella Mai's 'Boo'd Up' have featured Hip-Hop artists such as Cardi B and Quavo from Migos, respectively, which creates the confusion if these songs should be considered. 


However, on a positive note, Thomas is of the opinion, “How is hip-hop running the world right now?" The Hip-Hop Power Players is probably one of the most inclusive lists which recognizes all those who work towards making music more than just entertainment, and actually accentuates the impact that it can have on culture and society. In that regard, Billboard has also rewarded Meek Mill with its inaugural R&B/hip-hop power players impact award. Other than showing immense strength in the face of America's criminal justice system, Mill has been quite popular with almost 140 million total streams and five Top 10 releases on the Billboard 200 albums chart. 


The entire list for R&B/Hip-Hop 100 Power Players can be viewed here