Is Cersei really pregnant? 'Game of Thrones' season 8 epsiode 1 gives us a major clue

Is Cersei really pregnant? 'Game of Thrones' season 8 epsiode 1 gives us a major clue


It feels like ages since we heard a very wine drunk Cersei Lannister utter an iconic piece of advice to the then innocent dove-like Sansa Stark. "Tears aren't a woman's only weapon... her best weapon is between her legs," she told the Stark girl back in season 2. But, the season 8 premiere does refresh that memory. Not because Cersei has more gems to offer, but because she's up to something that has everything to do between her legs. 


Last season, Cersei decided to tell Jamie that she was pregnant under really seedy circumstances.  In season 7 when Jamie was deciding who to side with on the battle strategy, he decided to not stand and watch the world burn as Cersei had suggested. He decided that he would go and fight with Jon Snow and the folks in the North. Just in time, very conveniently, Cersei was, lo and behold, pregnant. Jamie left anyway, leaving Cersei angrier than ever. At the time, she was avoiding the Dornish reds and Arbor golds, something that is so rare for Cersei it's hard to ignore. 


Remember how she used that well-timed touch of the belly during her conversation with her half-brother Tyrion Lannister, playing him completely? When Tyrion offered her wine, she refused to take it, an indication that she may have been pregnant. 


In the season 8 premiere episode, however, when her new boy toy Euron Greyjoy sleeps with her and tells her that he wants to put a prince in her belly, she looks teary and though she knew something we didn't. Then, she took a sip from the wine glass. So is Cersei pregnant at all? Did she suffer from a miscarriage? We know the woods witch, Maggy the Frog, promised Cersei she would have three children, but none of them would survive. So a fourth child seems impossible as of now and then that would mean she's been lying to Jaime. 

However, we have questions. Did she drop her baby after Jamie left and now is keeping it a secret? It's unlikely since we know just how much she yearns for children after all three of her offsprings died but we also know that this is Cersei Lannister and will not stop at anything to attain and keep the power.


There's a possibility that this scene was to set the arc for a possible Cersei baby in the future, where she would call the child Euron's instead of Jamie's in the event of things going wrong. She's done it to Robert Baratheon before and no one was the wiser so let's not brush the possibility that she could do it again. 

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 Cersei really pregnant this scene with Euron Greyjoy has the hint Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1