'Central Park' Episode 7 Preview: Paige has a lead after discovering Bitsy is dealing with a Russian oligarch

'Central Park' Episode 7 Preview: Paige has a lead after discovering Bitsy is dealing with a Russian oligarch
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Loren Bouchard, Josh Gad, and Nora Smith’s Apple TV+ animated musical comedy series ‘Central Park’, with just six more episodes left, is reaching an important stage in the plot. 

In episode 6, ‘Rival Busker’, we saw Paige’s (Kathryn Hahn) journalistic snooping amount to something. Earlier, the show’s narrator Birdie, voiced by co-creator Gad, had told Paige that for her to get to the bottom of the mystery of why the park’s committee member refused further finance from the benefactors, she had to look into Bitsy Brandenham (Stanley Tucci).

Bitsy, as we know, is the evil, old hotel heiress who wants to destroy New York City’s famous park to build condominiums. And she has been slowly scheming to achieve that. First, she pressured the mayor into getting the committee member to say no. Then, she made sure that the park’s benefactors and the city's government had a feud. Following that, she launched one attack after the other to destroy the park’s reputation, whether through garbage disposal or through graffiti. 

While Paige suspected foul play, she had no idea where to look once she reached the dead-end in the form of the mayor. But after Birdie’s tip-off, she snuck into Bitsy’s hotel to snoop around. There, at a Russian wedding, she discovered that Bitsy was making some kind of business deal with a Russian oligarch named Dimitri. 

Paige is still nowhere close to solving the mystery of why an attempt was being made to defund Central Park. But she is definitely moving in the right direction. Hopefully, episode 7, mysteriously titled ‘Squirrel, Interrupted’, will see Paige dig further into this Dimitri character and find out what his possible connection to this whole deal may be.

But even as she does that, one remains apprehensive about what Bitsy’s next move might be. She is, if nothing, exceptionally cunning and strong-willed. So far, her plans to discredit the park have failed, but only barely so. That she commands infinitely more resources than the Tillerman family cannot be stated enough. 

Another story that hasn't been addressed in a bit is Molly’s (Kristen Bell) budding romance with Brendan (Eugene Cordero) a kite-flying teenager in the park. Molly and Brendan’s future seemed doomed (only to Molly) after the two kissed and Brendan got an allergic reaction. She had just eaten peanut butter ice cream, and he is allergic to peanuts.

Molly spent hours in a nervous state wondering why Brendan had never responded to her texts, only to find that she had his phone all along. Will the two teenagers finally meet and will Molly finally be able to get over the guilt of having given the boy of her dreams an allergic attack? Hopefully, episode 7 will have answers. 

New episodes of ‘Central Park’ air every Friday on Apple TV+.

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