Celine Dion is almost unrecognizable in her new edgy avatar

Celine Dion began working with stylist Law Roach, because she wanted to take on a more edgy look to empower herself while grieving the loss of a brother and husband.

                            Celine Dion is almost unrecognizable in her new edgy avatar
Celine Dion (Getty Images)

Change is a good thing. Everyone craves it once in a while, whether it’s a change in scenery or a physical makeover. It seems like Celine Dion wanted a big change, for her new hairdo has left her almost unrecognizable, reported Hollywood Life. She is currently in Japan for a couple of performances and took to Instagram to show off her  transformation.

In the picture she was seen rocking bangs and blonder hair as she stood in front of a hotel mirror. She captioned the image, “Tonight is the night! Tokyo, are you ready?” Thanks to her new stylist Law Roach, 39, she was dressed in designer fashion from head to toe.

Celine was seen in the same outfit and hairstyle when she visited Cirque de Soleil’s Kurios show. She posted another Instagram photo to commemorate the moment. The image featured the entire cast of the show. She captioned it, “Throwback to one of our first days in Japan. Thank you for the amazing.”

But the interesting thing is that Celine looked like her usual self in her first performance in Tokyo. She did not have bangs, and her hair was parted down the middle, as seen in her Instagram post from the night. Her stylist shared the picture too and mentioned that her colorful outfit was actually a Versace.

Of course, it’s impossible to go from one hairdo to another within hours, so it seems like Celine may have been wearing a wig in her transformative pictures. Regardless, her fans were quite surprised by the new look, and a lot of them were not too pleased by it. One fans wrote, “NO NO NO!” while another called it “Horrible.” One fan said it aged her by 15 years and added, “The fake blonde color ages her terribly and is just so off-putting. She’s just absolutely gorgeous with her natural locks.” One even commented, “Huge resemblance to Lady Gaga.”

While fans did not warm up to her new hairdo, everyone seems to be taking to her new fashion choices. It was in 2016 that she started working with Law after seeing how he styled Zendaya, 21. Law started working with Zendaya back in 2011. She was his first client, and he told Vogue that he “came up with a plan to help an amazing girl show the world what I saw in her. I was like an architect working on a blueprint. Before any construction work took place, I drew up my plan and pulled together the right contractors (hair and make-up) to help.” His plan for Zendaya sure seemed to impress Celine, for she wanted to try a more edgy look and thought Law would be the perfect person for the job. He sure added some edge to her outfits, for they display an array of colors.

Law also opened up about his approach on Celine’s fashion. He said, “I developed a strategy that would let the world see a legendary woman in a different light and give her a new generation of followers.” He added that he wanted to give Celine a look that would excite her in a time when she was grieving the loss of her late brother and husband. He continued: “The most powerful present that Celine gave me in return was credit for helping easing her pain. Getting dressed with me was something she looked forward to.”

Law also mentioned that the two beauties are both fearless but are extremely different in terms of where their confidence originates from. He said: “Zendaya is a millennial, she’s very aware of critics and blogs, but she doesn’t care. We play dress-up and create outfits to make ourselves happy, or to pay homage to the people we’re inspired by. We’ll listen to why critics don’t like a look, but it won't effect our decisions at all. Celine, on the other hand, isn’t tuned in, but doesn’t care what people say, because she’s dressing for herself and what makes her feel good. The by-product is that the confidence of both those women makes the entire world feel happy."

He even revealed his fashion philosophy: "Every woman should get to the point where they don’t care what others think, or give a big 'f**k you' to whoever tells them they can’t wear certain things. If you love an outfit and you feel good in it, then you wear it. It’s as cliché as it sounds, but when a woman feels good there’s nothing more beautiful. It’s addictive being around women who are that confident."