Celine Dion's ear surgery could mean she will never sing again

Celine Dion's ear surgery could mean she will never sing again
Celine Dion (Source:Getty Images)

Céline Dion left legions of her fans disappointed after she announced the cancelation of several concerts at her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace's Colosseum through the months of March and April because of an underlying ear condition.

The Canadian singer, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday on March 30, paid tribute to her fans and thanked them for their heartfelt wishes on her birthday but announced that she would have to undergo a delicate surgical procedure to ensure she saves her voice.

The condition, called Patulous Eustachian tube, has reportedly caused hearing irregularities in the pop star and presented difficulties while singing, and while she has been making do with eardrop medication for the past year, the time has come for a more permanent solution.

Announcing the cancelation of her performances she wrote to fans: "My luck hasn’t been very good lately. I just can't believe it! I know how disappointing this is, and I'm so sorry," but promised she would be back and captivating audiences once again by May 22.

While the singer has been putting on a brave face in public, family and friends fear that the surgery will be life-changing and that she will never boast of her same, heavenly voice again. Their concerns are not misplaced, with Dr. Gabe Mirkin telling Radar: "This is a terribly serious condition for a singer. This surgery is critical because there is an incredibly high failure rate."

A source also told the Tabloid that Céline was quietly terrified of her upcoming surgery: "Céline is scared. She’s trying to downplay it, but she’s been fighting this ailment for 18 months. The last thing she wants to go through now is potentially dangerous surgery."

But she's not alone in her fight. Millions around the world will be hoping for an uneventful surgery that will see the chart-topper back to her best, and a friend shared a similar sentiment: "Everyone is praying for her. This could be a career ender."


Céline signed to perform nightly in 'A New Day...', a five-star theatrical show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, in 2003 and it quickly became the most successful concert residency of all time, grossing $385 million. She returned to the Colosseum in 2015 as their highest-paid performer and has been a regular until her most recent announcement.

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