How did Jennie Garth win $168,000 on ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’? Impressed fans say ‘she solved it easy’ 

How did Jennie Garth win $168,000 on ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’? Impressed fans say ‘she solved it easy’ 
Jennie Garth on 'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune' (ABC)

‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ star Jennie Garth did not just make the latest, February 17, episode of ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ fun, but she also earned a big cheque for her charity. Playing for Central Illinois Food Bank, the actress ended the game by making it to the $1M bonus round and winning a total of $168,000 for the charity with her impressive performance. 

Garth didn’t seem to have an issue solving the puzzles, for she got the majority of them right. The actress went bankrupt more than once through the game, yet she managed to win the big prize money, earning the appreciation of fans and fellow contestants. She was the first one to win the toss round when the game commenced. 


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Pat Sajak and Jennie Garth (ABC)

As it progressed, she played under various categories including “Showbiz”, “What are you doing” and “Fun and Game”. In the first round, she conveniently won $17,900 by guessing the lyrics of the '70s song 'That’s the way ah huh ah huh I like it'. She won the triple toss but Patton Oswalt cracks the first puzzle. In the third round for another $5,000, Jennie guessed “Checking my temperature” and led with $23,9000. Despite having won an impressive amount, Garth went bankrupt after picking an incorrect consonant for “What are you doing” question. 

But she bounced back to the game quickly by winning a $1M card for the bonus round and won an additional prize by guessing a celebrity-related question. She stood at $10,650 after guessed “Jennifer Lawrence of Arabia”. 

Jennie Garth (Getty Images)

She aced the next round too by guessing “Absolutely Nothing” for “What are you wearing?”. As the episode was nearing the end, and Garth chose “Food and Drink” for her last round and ended up guessing “Apple Dumpling” and won a total of $168,000. 

Fans quickly took to Twitter to congratulate Garth on winning the big prize, with many praising her for navigating the game effortlessly. One fan tweeted, "I was worried Jennie was either going to stay silent or guess APPLE SAMPLING. Great job, @jenniegarth ! #CelebrityWheelOfFortune." Another added, "#CelebrityWheelOfFortune Jennie solved it easy!" One tweeted, "wow! yay for jennie garth. $168k #CelebrityWheelOFFortune."




'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune' airs on Thursdays at 8 pm only on ABC.

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