'Celebrity Watch Party' Season 1 Finale: Hooked fans are 'sad' that show is over, demand Season 2

'Celebrity Watch Party' Season 1 Finale: Hooked fans are 'sad' that show is over, demand Season 2
Carolyn London and Tyra Banks (Fox)

When 'Celebrity Watch Party' first aired there were obvious comparisons made to 'Gogglebox' and 'People's Couch.' There was a long-drawn conversation among fans on social media that it was ripped and that the makers should be sued for copyright infringement. However, Studio Lambert, creators of 'Celebrity Watch Party,' cleared the air that it was not a rip-off but a reimagined version of 'Gogglebox,' a show the same production company had put together for the UK audience.

"It's not a rip-off.  We created the format in the UK years ago.  We made a version for Bravo and now we've made a celeb version for Fox.  Hope you enjoy it," the studio responded to a viewer's tweet. With time, people got used to the stars watching some of the popular shows in their loungewear. The concept may not have been new, but the reactions were interesting and that alone had viewers glued. 

By the end of the Season 1 finale episode, which aired on July 23, the show had amassed millions of fans who were sad to see it go. While some couldn't believe it was getting over, most hoped that Fox will order a Season 2 soon. 

The regular cast members were Romeo Miller, Master P, Tyra Banks and her mother, Carolyn London, Joe Buck and wife Michelle Beisner, Raven-Symoné, JoJo Siwa and mother Jessalynn Siwa, Steve Wozniak and Janet Hill, Curtis Stone, Ozzy Osbourne and family among others. Here's a look at what fans have to say.

"I love celebrity watch party. Please tell this was not the last show??? #CelebrityWatchParty," a fan commented while another shared: "Thank you to all of the wonderful celebrities for inviting us into their homes please come back again we loved you so much and it was so much fun  #CelebrityWatchParty."

"#CelebrityWatchParty please come back I so enjoyed your show every week .. great job," a user pointed out. "wait! noooo!... Did they just tell us goodbye? Is it over? this was full of delight. #CelebrityWatchParty," another wrote."#CelebrityWatchParty Last show of the season and already made me cry," a viewer expressed while another tweeted: "A little sad #CelebrityWatchParty is over :(. So much fun! I now like @Buck - who knew."

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