'Celebrity Watch Party' will not be airing this week, fans don't seem to be minding the wait

An all new episode of 'Celebrity Watch Party' will air on July 9 but viewers are not missing it one bit

                            'Celebrity Watch Party' will not be airing this week, fans don't seem to be minding the wait
Tyra Banks and her mother (Fox)

'Celebrity Watch Party' seems to have gripped the viewers quite a bit. The show is on a two-week break and therefore, FOX aired a repeat episode featuring snippets of the stars watching 'Titanic,' 'Labor of Love,' and 'America's Got Talent.' Oddly enough, there were very few who wondered or even asked questions about the network not airing no new episodes.

Lately, most of the shows are taking tiny breaks and airing old episodes but the reason is unclear. However, for 'Celebrity Watch Party' fans, watching repeat telecast isn't a crisis with some of them even discussing at length about how if Rose wanted, Jack could've fit on that door she was floating on in 'Titanic.' Some even remembered the first time they had watched the film and shared all about the viewing experienced they had then.

While some were in awe of wrongly-incarcerated Louisiana man (he was jailed for 37 years for a crime he didn't commit), Archie Williams, and his willingness to move on in life despite all the tragedies, rest were more invested in Steve Wozniak, Raven Symone, Reggie Bush, and Ozzy Osbourne's reactions as they watched some of the best and popular TV shows and movies. 

But, like always there are going to be detractors and this show is no different. It's been almost two months since 'Celebrity Watch Party' first aired and a section of viewers are discovering the premise of it only now. 

"Sooooooo they made an entire tv show based on people watching celebrities watching movies??? Are you f**king kidding me??!! This is what we are reduced to? the fails just keep coming. The lack of brain power involved is mind blowing #celebritywatchparty," a user tweeted, while another expressed: "So @FOX4 has a show #celebritywatchparty of folks watching a show and u watch they reactions/commentary of the show they couldn’t try, pick up nu show ideas or NOTHING? Whew majority of programming is horrible."

When is an all-new episode of 'Celebrity Watch Party' airing? The viewers will have to wait until July 9, Thursday for another fun-filled, fresh, and entertaining episode of this Fox-backed show. 

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