'Celebrity Watch Party': Jesse McCartney watches himself lose on 'The Masked Singer', fans call it heartbreaking

Internet was buzzing with fans saying that Jesse McCartney deserved to win

                            'Celebrity Watch Party': Jesse McCartney watches himself lose on 'The Masked Singer', fans call it heartbreaking
Jesse McCartney (Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Fox closed the curtains on 'The Masked Singer' and the Night Angel (Kandi Burruss) was announced as the winner. The Turtle (Jesse McCartney) sealed the second spot, but to watch him on 'Celebrity Watch Party' experiencing those moments another time was not okay with fans. A fan shared how "heartbreaking" it was to watch McCartney lose the winning position. "Watching Jesse McCartney watch someone else win instead of him is too heartbreaking. He even knows he should've won!! #TheMaskedSinger #CelebrityWatchParty," the user commented. 

But maybe this will serve as a relief: Romeo Miller called McCartney up and congratulated him, and said he always knew he was the Turtle. While that cheered him up, what uplifted his spirits was when fiancee Katie Peterson said he will always be her number one, no matter what. You could immediately see the glee on his face and at that moment, it seemed losing to Kandi didn't matter at all. "Aww Romeo called Jesse and congratulated him for the masked singer #TheMaskedSinger #CelebrityWatchParty," a viewer said, while another shared: "See even celebs think Jesse should've won last night and is the rightful winner #TheMaskedSinger #CelebrityWatchParty."

"@CelebWatchParty that was great episode funny too think @JesseMcCartney should have won it. Can’t wait to see more #CelebrityWatchParty next Thurs night," a user expressed. This has been one of the most common opinions since the finale aired. A large section of the internet was not disappointed because Kandi won but they just couldn't deal with the fact that Jesse lost to her. 

In tonight's episode, the guest stars also watched 'Mission: Impossible' and couldn't stop reminiscing about the 90s technology — boxy desktops and floppy disks. They seemed in awe of Tom Cruise performing one of the most popular stunts in the history of films where he hovers over a computer set up attached to a cable. The scene is thrilling and puts one on the edge every time. Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan made their TV-watching session by betting on how old Tom must have been when he shot the said film. Reggie said he was 35 at the time and won. It was good TV. 

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