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'Celebrity Watch Party' is so boring that fans want 'The People's Couch' cast instead as they are 'funny AF'

Fox's latest show has failed to impress viewers so far as the celebs come across as 'unnatural'
Katie Peterson, Jesse McCartney (Fox)
Katie Peterson, Jesse McCartney (Fox)

Fox's 'Celebrity Watch Party' is back and this week Jesse McCartney, Katie Peterson, Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan have joined the regular cast of the show. The premise makes for good TV — celebrities watching and reacting to popular TV shows — but a section of the internet is convinced that it's not such a good idea. 

A user commented on how Fox should get the cast of Bravo's 'The People's Couch' on the show because they were funny. "Giving #CelebrityWatchParty a chance because I loved @ThePeoplesCouch when it was on @BravoTV. It's the same concept. I wish they'd go back & get the cast from the Bravo show. They were hilarious! It's not always about celebrity. Some folks are just funny af hanging out 2gether," the viewer wrote. 

This isn't the first time that 'Celebrity Watch Party' has found itself neck-deep in comparison with the said show. After the premiere episode aired, the internet trolled the makers, accusing them of stealing a preexisting concept. Some claimed that it was a rip off of the UK-based show called 'Gogglebox.' However, Lambert Studio confirmed that they adapted the 'Gogglebox' premiere and tweaked it for the US viewers. But, that is not the only concern fans seem to have. A few have questioned the credibility of the show.

"#CelebrityWatchParty on @foxtv is just Pillow Talk, but — Overly Produced — Features 'celebrities' — Seems unnatural — I doubt these people even watch tv And, they're not even talking about #90DayFiance #CelebrityWatchParty," a user expressed. "#CelebrityWatchParty... what a stupid idea of a show. I’m so bored. But @JesseMcCartney is making two-second clips in it so I gotta watch for that," another wrote. It was Jesse and Katie's maiden appearance on the show and they seemed like a couple who enjoys their time in front of a television — very glued and invested. 

And why wouldn't they be? This week, the 'Celebrity Watch Party' had the stars watching 'The Masked Singer' finale, 'Mission: Impossible' and the 'Deadliest Catch', which easily make for some of the thrilling and adventurous content. "Let me see if I have this right. 'Celebrity Watch Party' is a TV show comprised of celebrities (and I use that term loosely) watching TV? So, we're watching people watch TV? I'll pass. Nobody watches TV like @SnoopDogg," a fan expressed. 

Catch all the new episodes of 'Celebrity Watch Party' on Fox every Thursday.