'Celebrity Watch Party': Master P wants to star in 'Dirty Dancing 2' with Angelina Jolie, fans say he's 'pumped'

'Celebrity Watch Party': Master P wants to star in 'Dirty Dancing 2' with Angelina Jolie, fans say he's 'pumped'
Romeo Miller, Master P (Fox)

Episode 2 of Fox-backed 'Celebrity Watch Party' ended with the segment that had stars reacting to Patrick Swayze-Jennifer Grey's 'Dirty Dancing.' The classic had stars glued to their TV screens and getting mushy and romantic as the lead couple salsa-ed their way into the film.

It was a walk back in time. Easily one of the most-watched, most-romantic movies in the history of Hollywood, 'Dirty Dancing' made everyone emotional, with some even complaining of goosebumps. 


Everyone hummed to 'The Time of My Life' - the song the star pair moved to for their final dance in the film. It was the highlight of the show until some of the stars got down to perform their own versions of the 'Dirty Dancing' lift. It made for good TV, for sure. But the best reaction came out of Master P, who checked with Romeo Miller about the possibility of him and Angelina Jolie starring in a reboot of the romantic-drama.


On May 14's episode, the show starred Tyra Banks, Lindsay Price, Ozzy, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Raven-Symone, Joe Buck, Robert and Kim Herjavec -- all of whom were in the premiere, whereas Justin Long was new to the cast. 

'Celebrity Watch Party' is completely homemade with no fancy production gimmicks in place. It's as raw and unedited as it can get. The stars have mounted phones and cameras in their rooms to tape themselves reacting to some of TV's best content.
And even though there are sections of viewers who don't get the concept of the show, the idea was really to make the living rooms of celebrities accessible to TV watchers. Inspired by UK-based show 'Gogglebox,' Fox's 'Celebrity Watch Party' comes at a time when reruns of popular shows are losing sheen and more and more viewers are looking forward to new content. 


Meanwhile, fans have reacted to Master P's comment on him and Angelina being in 'Dirty Dancing' 2.

"Clearly Dirty Dancing transcends race, age, gender... unless you're Ozzy hatin like a mother f***er #CelebrityWatchParty Master P: "imagine if that was me and Angie Joline"," a viewer commented, while another shared: "Y master p and li romeo gotta be so extra? #Celebritywatchparty i love us."

"Master P getting pumped for Dirty Dancing on #CelebrityWatchParty," a user tweeted, while a fan expressed: "Am I the only one feeling some type of way about Master P watching a movie in a suit eating a cup of noodles? #CelebrityWatchParty."


"Master P looks so bored. You can clearly tell he watches no TV and gives no f****.  #CelebrityWatchParty," a fan posted. 

Catch all the new episodes of 'Celebrity Watch Party' on Fox every Thursday.

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