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'Celebrity Watch Party' Episode 2: Viewers can't stand the 'forced laughs' and are convinced show is scripted

Viewers say they would rather watch re-runs of shows by themselves than watch celebrities do the same
UPDATED MAY 15, 2020
Ozzy Osbourne (Fox)
Ozzy Osbourne (Fox)

Fox's reality TV show 'Celebrity Watch Party' is back with its second episode today but viewers don't seem to like it that much.

While Tyra Banks, Ozzy, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Lindsay Price, Joe Buck, Steve Wozniak, Raven-Symone, Master P and Romeo Miller, Robert and Kim Herjavec return, Justin Long is a fresh addition to the cast. Inspired by Studio Lambert's UK format, 'Gogglebox', 'Celebrity Watch Party' is all about watching stars react to some of the popular TV shows, trending news pieces and movies. The idea is to give viewers a peek into the personal lives of celebrities they have loved and adored over the years. 

The show comes at a time when production units have shut temporarily (owing to the lockdown issued by governments worldwide to tackle the ongoing Covid-19 crisis). It was supposed to work as a welcome departure from the reruns that have flooded TV schedules. But fans seem to have taken it otherwise.  

"There is literally a show on #Fox with the premise of us watching celebrities react to tv shows... it’s safe to say we have already peaked as a society #CelebrityWatchParty," a user commented, while another shared: "I’m watching a tv show in which celebrities watch tv shows. I need quarantine to be over. @buck with a great one liner tho #CelebrityWatchParty."

The concept is a bit off-beat and not the usual path that a reality TV show would take and therefore, it didn't sit well with some of the viewers, such as this one: "Trying to watch / get into #CelebrityWatchParty but I'm having a hard time... Why are we watching celebrities on TV, watching TV? #MakeItMakeSense." Another said, "#CelebrityWatchParty who in there right mind would watch this malarky. One minute in the channel gets turned to my recorded Price Is Right."

There are even viewers who would rather watch old shows on repeat than watch celebrities do so. "#CelebrityWatchParty is the stupidest damn thing ever. It’s like the narcissists can’t bear for the world to not be watching or talking about them. I’d rather watch #BigBangTheory repeats," a viewer expressed, with another implying that the show is scripted: "A whole lotta forced laughs on #CelebrityWatchParty!"

"I've just seen two minutes of it and I can already see that #CelebrityWatchParty is literally the worst," a user tweeted. "Watching #CelebrityWatchParty just makes me long for the days of The People's Couch.... come back!!" another posted remembering Bravo's 'The People's Couch'.

In other news, we now know that the show is not a rip-off but a concept Studio Lambert used to create UK's 'Gogglebox'. But previously, social media was flooded with reactions that were mostly against 'Celebrity Watch Party' being a one-of-a-kind show. Most of the online users thought it was a copied concept, with some even pointing out that Bravo's 'The People's Couch' was way better than what this Fox-made content had to offer.

Catch all the new episodes of 'Celebrity Watch Party' on Fox every Thursday.