Kristin Chenoweth delights Audriana and Jenny with splendid surprise renovation on HGTV's 'Celebrity IOU' Season 6

Kristin Chenoweth delights Audriana and Jenny with splendid surprise renovation on HGTV's 'Celebrity IOU' Season 6
Kristin Chenoweth is set to surprise her property managers in 'Celebrity IOU' Season 6 (Instagram/@kchenoweth)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Who doesn't like surprises? Everyone certainly does as it shows how much you mean to the people you love. In order to reciprocate love to one of the close ones, Kristin Chenoweth is coming to HGTV's 'Celebrity IOU' Season 6. 

Kristin will be seen doing a makeover at her manager's house. The Tony Award-winning actress will be surprising the mother-daughter duo who has been working for her for a long time. 'Celebrity IOU' Season 6 is set to bring Hollywood celebrities on screen to express their deep appreciation to people who have unknowingly made a great difference in their lives and carers. 


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Who are Audriana and Jenny?

Audriana and Jenny are Kristin's property managers. The mother-daughter duo has been working with Kristin for a long time now. Seeing Kristin be so lovable towards her property managers that she opted to renovate their house, Jonathan said in an interview with People, "You get to see what these celebrities are like when they're not in a film, on a TV show, on a red carpet."

He added, "It's those moments of humanity you get to see that are so much more interesting than all the glitz and glamor, knowing that somebody really cares about this person that they're giving back to." Audriana and Jenny have been helping Kristin to manage the properties for a long time. It's now Kristine's turn to return the favor and take charge of some management in her hand. 



Kristin Chenoweth is all set to surprise Audriana and Jenny

Kristin wants the renovation of Audriana and Jenny's house to be a surprise to them. Therefore, she chooses to start the renovation work while they are gone on vacation. People reveal how Kristin is about to surprise her property managers. The actress Facetimes Audriana and Jenny while they are on their way back from the trip. She asks Audriana and Jenny how far they are as she waits for them outside the house. Kristine then sings to them, "I love you, welcome home." Jonathan and Drew then went to hide behind the walls as Kristin waited for Audriana and Jenny to arrive.


The trailer hints that Audriana and Jenny will get emotional as they get the renovation surprise. The synopsis of 'Celebrity IOU' Season 6 Episode 2 states, "Screen and stage superstar, Kristin Chenoweth enlists Jonathan and Drew to gift her cherished property managers, Audriana and Jenny, a five-star home makeover. The brothers get to work on a 5-week renovation all while picking up Broadway-style pointers."

'Celebrity IOU' Season 6 Episode 2 will release on Monday, May 22, 2023, at 8 pm ET on HGTV.

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 'Celebrity IOU' Season 6: Who are Audriana and Jenny? Kristin Chenoweth plans a heartwarming surprise