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'Celebrity IOU': Michael Buble's relatable sofa story had the 'Property Brothers' in splits

'Welcome to 1971' Michael quipped as he went on to narrate how they were not allowed to make changes in the living area
Michael Buble (Getty Images)
Michael Buble (Getty Images)

HGTV has returned with yet another exciting episode of 'Celebrity IOU' starring Michael Buble -- the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter. He collaborated with Drew and Jonathan Scott to gift Minette, his grandfather's caretaker, a home that will make her feel a part of the family. 

Growing up, Michael's grandfather was a hero and a best friend to him, which explains why he is so emotionally attached to him. They bonded over music and football, and his influence in Michael's stayed long after he had become a global singing sensation. 

"Michael's relationship with grandpa...those two, they kind of like you know cut from the same umbilical cord. Even if he travels halfway around the world on tour, he'll FaceTime before the concert starts and he'll ask grandpa what song do you want me to sing," Minette shared. 

It's only fair that Michael would want to do things that would respect his grandfather's memories. His dying wish was to ensure Minette felt like a part of the family and there was no better way to see that dream through than renovating his grandfather's home, which hadn't been used in a while. 

As Michael, Jonathan, and Drew entered the room, they were transported back in time. "Welcome to 1971," Michael quipped as he went on to narrate how they were not allowed to make changes in the living area and added that they were the family who had plastic covers on their sofas the entire time. 

Michael's grandma clearly loved white, a lot of opulence, and the regal feel, Drew said after he had taken a tour of the house. "The house is meticulous," Jonathan said but it needs to be upgraded with an open floor plan. "We are putting a fresh face on this dated space," the hosts-design experts tore the whole place down with this approach and it worked. 

By the end of the deadline, Drew and Jonathan had done the unbelievable - it almost seemed as though it was newly-constructed space. On the reveal day, Minette was surprised and in tears to have been extended such a warm and heartfelt gesture.

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