'Celebrity IOU': Jeremy Renner reveals he was living at a construction site before Academy Awards red carpet

Jeremy Renner knows his construction sites well, he even got dressed at one before heading to a red carpet

                            'Celebrity IOU': Jeremy Renner reveals he was living at a construction site before Academy Awards red carpet
Jeremy Renner (Getty Images)

HGTV's latest episode of 'Celebrity IOU' stars Jeremy Renner and it's nothing but good entertainment so far. He has constructed a lot of houses in the past to pay for his acting career and that simply adds to the fun. So, in the latest episode, it looks like he enjoyed his time punching through walls and tearing down windows. 

Jeremy is a mama's boy and very proud of it because he believes his mother, Valerie Cearley, has had to give up a lot to raise her kids. And now since everyone has moved out and she is out alone in Modesto, California, he thought of collaborating with Drew and Jonathan Scott to upgrade her LA condo, built in the '70s, into something more modern, with an open floor plan, so that she can be closer to her kids and grandkids. 

While Jeremy and the 'Property Brothers' took a good look around the house, the 'Avengers: Endgame' actor shared that he'd want the new space to be a lifestyle for her. He'd want it rebuilt in a way that totally lifts her otherwise "murderous resting face" with joy. He was also clear about the fact that it needed to be dirt proof because there would be kids around the house and anything excessive white would prompt frequent cleaning sessions which is something that can be avoided by using colors that are deep and offer a contrast to the greys and neutrals.

"A beautiful hub for the family. It will be a big thing for her, a big thing for us," Jeremy said while chatting with the Scott brothers. He was deeply invested in getting the house done for his mother and that showed in the way he enthusiastically picked the palette and fixtures. And this had Jonathan amazed because he thought Jeremy was really dialed in about what Valerie would like around her house. And why wouldn't he be?

Just before the demo process, Jeremy revealed he lived out of structures without plumbing and kitchen when he was into construction so that his acting career could move along. He revealed that he was living at a construction site with a bunch of nails strewn around and he had get dressed in a tuxedo and jump into a limousine for the Academy Awards' red carpet event. Jeremy was nominated for the 'Hurt Locker' at the time. 

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