'Celebrity IOU': Fans accuse 'Property Brothers' of not giving enough screen time to guest star Jeremy Renner

'Celebrity IOU': Fans accuse 'Property Brothers' of not giving enough screen time to guest star Jeremy Renner
Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott and Jeremy Renner (Getty Images)

'Celebrity IOU' has returned with Episode 6 on HGTV. And this time, it's Jeremy Renner who will combine forces with Drew and Jonathan Scott to gift his mother a brand new home. Like most episodes, the demo process happens to be the best and most fun segment. Jeremy indulged and so did the 'Property Brothers'. He jumped and took down shutters of windows and that alone left Drew and Jonathan surprised. "Wow, Jeremy, you can tell he is a superhero. He got superhero demo moves, and that helped fly things along," Jonathan said in his green-room interview while Drew nodded. 

Inspired by Jeremy's antics, Drew jumped onto an elevated area of the room and asked if he's got the moves too. Jeremy agreed but said he may have split the seams of his denims while pulling the stunt. Jeremy wants to move his mother to Los Angeles so that she can be closer to him and the family. He asked the hosts-design experts to use their collective imagination and ideas to help him transform a dated condo into a modern living space out of which she can entertain guests and host sleepovers for her grandkids.

Meanwhile, fans have shared their two cents on the preview clip shared by the channel's social media page. Some have gone on and accused the Scott duo of not giving enough screen time to the actor. "In true Marvel fashion, will the property brothers be only giving poor Hawkeye like 10 min of screen time and then the rest goes to Thor and Iron Man? Lol. I love Jeremy Renner," a viewer commented, while another shared: "This show should be titled 'The Scott Brothers talk about themselves' Too much air time for them instead of the renovation."

However, there's also a section that cannot wait for the show to air as they love Jeremy. "Not missing this one...best one yet..a guy who knows his way around a Reno.. not to mention.. it's JR aka Hawkeye," a fan posted. "I have loved all the episodes so far but looking forward to this one the most," another user wrote. Catch all the new episodes of 'Celebrity IOU' on HGTV every Monday.

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