'Celebrity IOU': Melissa McCarthy's renovation project slammed, fans boycott show saying it reeks of publicity

Many furious viewers pointed out that the celebrities are all rich enough to renovate the houses of their loved ones and there's no need for the HGTV show to do it

                            'Celebrity IOU': Melissa McCarthy's renovation project slammed, fans boycott show saying it reeks of publicity
Drew Scott, Melissa McCarthy, Jonathan Scott (Presskit)

HGTV's newest show — 'Celebrity IOU' — is a one-of-its-kind home renovation show that sees 'Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott collaborate with celebrities in each episode. They assist the celebrities in giving their loved ones a brand new pad or a spruced up area that they have wanting to get cracking on for the longest time. The idea is to help A-listers express their gratitude for people who matter to them. 

Brad Pitt did it in the premiere episode and it is now Melissa McCarthy's turn. The 'Ghostbusters' actress is determined to gift the renovation to her aunt Connie and uncle Jim who were employed as cops with the Chicago police department for 30 years. 

"Connie and Jim are career-long police officers," Melissa said in a statement and added: “They’ve spent their whole lives taking care of other people, and they’re real superheroes to me. My Uncle Jim was hurt on the job, and there are just some things that make it difficult for him to get around. They need this renovation, and I couldn’t think of anyone else that deserves it more.”

Melissa and her cousin Jenna were excited at the idea of transforming the space and couldn't wait to get things rolling. Along with the hosts, they got down to business as they demolished the house, one window blind at a time. It was weirdly enjoyable for the cousins and they got carried away sawing down a cabinet. They both admitted to having felt good about breaking down the place.  

However, fans are not buying the emotional aspect of the show with some even convinced that the stars are doing it just for publicity. 

"These celebrities have enough money to have done this a long time ago, on their own. If it has the word celebrity in it I won’t watch," a fan shared, while another wrote: "This is nothing but publicity for these so-called celebrities, all have the money to do whatever good they want to do for people without a TV show to highlight it."

"I do not watch any of them... will NOT watch any of them... and none of them are better than any of us... and yes they do tell us what to do... because they are celebrities and are better than us... BS," a fan posted. "Will NOT watch this show... so tired of celebrities trying to be like me... and then using their power to tell me what to do... NOPE... not happening," another viewer said.

"I don't know, just the premise of them needing a show to do things... no one person in particular, just the whole premise... when there are so many that need help but aren't friends of wealthy celebrities," another viewer pointed out. 

Catch all the new episodes of 'Celebrity IOU' on HGTV every Monday.