'Celebrity Game Face' Episode 1: Joel McHale roasts Kevin Hart, celeb couples take on spaghetti-eating challenge

'Celebrity Game Face' Episode 1: Joel McHale roasts Kevin Hart, celeb couples take on spaghetti-eating challenge
'Celebrity Game Face' (E!)

Everyone needs a little cheer and laughter during the quarantine and comedian-actor Kevin Hart knows just how to do it. In his new show 'Celebrity Game Face', Hart makes celebrity couples take on some weird and strange challenges that involve bursting balloons, talking with their mouths full of marshmallows, or revealing facts about each other that others didn't know. In the first episode, Hart introduces the concept and says, "Welcome to 'Celebrity Game Face'. This is the show where your favorite famous couples go head-to-head in some crazy a** challenges, all from the confinements of their crib." According to the clips, the games include a wide range of unexpected props, including tiny hands, spaghetti, balloons, marshmallows, and more." The most wholesome part is that the stars are competing for a good cause.

So we got to see Terry and Rebecca Crews, Sarah Hyland and her fiance Wells Adams, and Joel and Sarah McHale as the three teams battle it out in these absurd tasks, resulting in fits of laughter. Joel continuously roasted Hart throughout. Here are some of the best moments from the show.

Marshmallow talk

This was actually quite a fun challenge. One person had to put five marshmallows into their mouth. They were given the name of a film, television show or actor, and they had to say the name with their mouths full. Joel and Sarah aced this one, and the former managed to say the names of the television shows more or less clearly. Meanwhile, Sarah wasn't too far behind, though she did accidentally spit in Wells's face while trying to say the name of her film. Terry and Rebecca weren't so lucky and didn't gain any points.

Balloon bursting

Terry and Rebecca Crews (E!)

The participants had to burst a number of balloons that were assigned to them, but without using their hands. They were asked to sit on them. Terry managed to burst six balloons out of eight. Terry and Rebecca finally caught up with the rest of the celebrities and made it to the scoreboard. This was a fun challenge, as Terry was manic about bursting the balloons.

Spaghetti eating

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams (E!)

The couples had to feed each other food, but with tiny hand figures provided by Hart. Sarah and Wells were the funniest, and Hart labeled them as 'Lady And The Tramp' but more graphic. Wells ran away in the middle, while Terry and Rebecca took very tiny bites and obviously lost this one. Joel and Sarah won this round too and Hart called them "savage." The other competitions included mimicking TikTok stars and revealing facts about each other. For instance, Rebecca said her jaw had to be wired shut after a surgery long ago. And, 'Modern Family' fans, did you know Sarah relieved herself on the railway tracks once when she was extremely drunk?

More fun and games to follow on the show, can't wait to see who Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko bring next on the show. Tune in to the fun on E! Mondays at 10 pm. 

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