'Celebrity Family Feud': Weezer's Rivers Cuomo jokes if hell had strippers, they would look like 'mothers'

'Celebrity Family Feud': Weezer's Rivers Cuomo jokes if hell had strippers, they would look like 'mothers'
Rivers Cuomo (ABC)

'Celebrity Family Feud' managed to bring two legendary bands on the set as Fall Out Boy went neck-to-neck with Weezer. While the two bands have not had a chance to come in a competition together, Steve Harvey made dreams come true for some of the fans. The show started with Rivers Cuomo and Pete Wentz going against each other. 

Before starting the game, Pete decided to give Rivers a hug. Undoubtedly, that gesture surprised him. Rovers was quick to say, "This is the first time we have hugged and probably the last." Hearing this, there was no doubt that the competition was on. The first question that the two players had to answer was, "If hell had strippers, who would they look like?" 

Pete replied "ex" and even though it got him some points, it was not enough to win the round as Rivers ended up answering "mother." Harvey could not stop laughing and admitted it was one of the best answers. As expected, the board also favored Rivers as "mothers" was the number one answer. 

Following this, the round was played by Weezer team members. Patrick Wilson answered "grandmother" and this was second on the list. Brian Bell went with "teacher", but that did not fetch him any points. Scott Shriner replied with "sister." and even though one might have thought that it will be on the board, the crew was upset not to see it. 


Since the team had got three wrongs, Fall Out Boy got a chance to steal the win. They replied to this question by stating "boss" as the answer. Unfortunately, it was not on the board. Even though Weezer managed to win this round, the competition was ultimately won by Fall Out Boy. 

Throughout the game, the teams gave some hilarious answers, but Fall Out Boy had the answers that fetched the most points. In the end, Pete and Patrick Stump went to answer for the last round. The two players had a chance of winning $10,000 for their team. Unfortunately, they were not able to answer all the things that could have got them the highest score. Even though they failed to win the $10,000, they managed to go back with the other $10,000 that they won by beating Weezer.


'Celebrity Family Feud' airs on Sundays and Thursdays at 7 pm ET on CBS. 

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