These celebrities have endorsed some of the weirdest products

People buy what celebs endorse. But some of these endorsements are hilarious! We can believe some of them!

                            These celebrities have endorsed some of the weirdest products
From left: Whoopi Goldberg, Kim Kardashian and Snoop Dogg (Getty Images)

If you're a celebrity, trust businesses, and brands to come swarming to your doors for endorsement opportunities. It comes with the stardom! People want to see that celebrities are just like us, and they use the same products as we do. But then there's the matter of doing it for the genuine love for the product versus the $$$. We found a few very questionable celebrity endorsements we can't help scratch our heads about. Check them out!

1. Whoopi makes a lot of whoopsies

Your eyes don't lie. Whoopie is indeed dressed as an Egyptian queen, and she is indeed talking about her lack of bladder control. That's some royal endorsement right there.

2. Nelly likes that Pimp Juice nice and cold

Source: Wikipedia

I swear I couldn't type that sentence with a straight face. I don't get the song, and I definitely don't understand why anyone would consume a drink called Pimp Juice. Nelly co-owns this drink by the way. Hard pass, my man. 

3. Steven Seagal proves that old men can be energy-drinking creeps too 

(Pauses to catch her breath from all the laughing she did during the duration of this advertisement) Yeah, no. 

4. Screw Hulkamania, let me get in on this PASTAMANIA!

I want you to watch this promo of Hulk Hogan's failed restaurant chain, and I want you to wonder why in the world it failed because I WANT SOME PASTAMANIA TO FUEL MY VEINS. AAAAAAAAH! He had a pasta called Hulk's Power Pasta. We're missing gems like this one, people!

5. Kim Kardashian partied with the Charmin bears before becoming a brand herself

Maybe it's because she knew how full of sh*t she is. (Twiddles thumbs)

6. Snoop Dogg-Kate Upton-Larry King whammy: have a heckin' hot pocket, will ya?

Okay, this doesn't come as a surprise. I mean, of course, Snoop would endorse hot pockets AND write a song about them. Nothing stops the munchies like a hot pocket. 

7. Mr. T's domestic side

I pity the fool who doesn't have a flavourwave oven. I PITY THE FOOL.

8. The Hoff is here to protect your digital gear

I don't know how high everyone involved in this advertisement was at the time, but I would love to have whatever it is they were on. Do you know any weird celebrity endorsements? Drop us an email and we'll add it to our list!