‘Celebrity Escape Room’: Jack Black springs Beastie Boys karaoke surprise, fans love the 'School of Rock' vibes

‘Celebrity Escape Room’: Jack Black springs Beastie Boys karaoke surprise, fans love the 'School of Rock' vibes

To celebrate Red Nose Day, an hour-long special ‘Celebrity Escape Room’ kicked off on NBC with Ben Stiller, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox and Adam Scott along with 'Game Master' Jack Black.

Racing against time, the four stars had to solve a set of puzzle rooms with only three clues at hand in a funky 1980s high school-themed escape room. The money they won after each game will be donated. Black had a lot of fun confusing the players and there was a musical twist as the special came to a close. In the end, a classic Beastie Boys song was played and fans were totally taken aback. "Sorry...did anyone else scream when the @beastieboys showed up? That was so much fun! #CelebrityEscapeRoom," one tweet read and another said, "OH MY GOSH THE BEASTIE BOYS @beastieboys #RedNoseDay #CelebrityEscapeRoom #RedNoseDay."

"That was great seein the Beastie Boys! Ty 4 that. See yas next week. Thx 2 every1 who donated also. God bless!" one fan said and another psoted, "That was awesome. Ending with the Beastie Boys song. Lisa Kudrow was hilarious!! #CelebrityEscapeRoom."

Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Adam Scott, Ben Stiller (NBC)

Music lovers could not stop talking about the karaoke and they simply loved the surprise. "That was a great Beastie Boys karaoke bit there! #CelebrityEscapeRoom," one tweet read and another said, "Jack Black jamming out to Beastie Boys #CelebrityEscapeRoom #RedNoseDay."

"@JackBlack playing @beastieboys on electric guitar is giving me serious School of Rock vibes. #CelebrityEscapeRoom for @RedNoseDayUSA," one fan posted and another wrote, "They’re performing a classic Beastie Boys song. #CelebrityEscapeRoom."

Several other fans couldn't stop talking about who his "three friends" out of the four were. "Also can Jack Black please confirm who his THREE friends were. I think we would all like to know who was left out and why it was Adam Scott," one posted. Another wrote, "I bet a bunch of locals are looking though the #CelebrityEscapeRoom and are confused as to why we are all clowning over Adam Scott."

‘Celebrity Escape Room’ was executive produced by Black, Christine Taylor, Nicholas Weinstock, Amiira Ruotola, and Lee Metzger and premiered on NBC at 8 pm ET on May 21.  

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