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'Celebrity Call Center': Captain Lee shocked after caller talks about girlfriend's ice cream fetish during sex

Captain Lee joins other celebrities to give some advice and is shocked to find out that someone has an ice cream fetish during sex, particularly Ben and Jerry strawberry ice cream!
UPDATED JUL 28, 2020
Captain Lee (Getty Images)
Captain Lee (Getty Images)

Celebrity Call Center is allowing ordinary people a chance to interact with celebrities and get some extraordinary advice. In the latest episode on July 27, Lee Rosbach, Vivica A Fox, Stephanie Beatriz and Johnny Weir came together to help some people out. 

Captain Lee, who is known for his role in 'Below Deck', seemed to have the hardest question of the episode. While everyone else had questions about a bridezilla friend or a mother-in-law who was exceeding her welcome, the reality star was forced to answer the question about a unique fetish that the caller's girlfriend had. 

Caller Arthur came on the call and spoke about his girlfriend of nearly four months having a fetish for ice cream. He revealed that his girlfriend would often get excited when strawberry ice cream was involved in sex. Captain Lee was shocked to find this out and was keen on knowing more about this. His first question was if the girlfriend relied only on strawberry ice cream and Arthur was quick to add that Ben and Jerry strawberry ice cream was something that she was more inclined to use.

To make things worse, Arthur disclosed that he was lactose intolerant and any kind of ice cream made him sick. However, to please his girlfriend he had tried to have milkshake poured on him but that did not seem to do him any good. Even though this information left Captain Lee surprised, he was quick to add that it would be best to end the relationship. He further explained that fetishes tend to stay with people for a long time and can't be described as something that will easily change. 

Despite this, Captain Lee told Arthur that if he is ready to adjust, it would be a relationship he could work with, but if he felt nothing can be done about it, he should call it off. Fellow celebrity Beatriz from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' also had similar views. 

She agreed that it was not right for him to be in a relationship that did not make him feel comfortable. At the same time, Beatriz urged Arthur to talk to his girlfriend and be honest about what he has been feeling. Taking advice from both celebrities, Arthur felt pleased and admitted that he would be thinking about the status of his relationship. 

'Celebrity Call Center' airs on Mondays at 10 pm ET on E!