Model Chloe Ayling breaks down in court while recounting her kidnapping in Milan by 'Black Death' sex gang

Model Chloe Ayling breaks down in court while recounting her kidnapping in Milan by 'Black Death' sex gang

Model Chloe Ayling opened up for the first time in court about her terrifying kidnap ordeal by two brothers in Italy.

Twenty one-year-old Ayling, who appeared on 'Celebrity Big Brother' and wrote a book on her ordeal, broke down in court as she recounted being drugged, handcuffed, and bundled into the back seat of a car by two men in masks. 

Ayling was seen dabbing her eyes while giving evidence via a video link in court.

Thirty one-year-old Lukasz Herba has been convicted of her kidnapping and is serving 16 years in jail while his 37-year-old brother Michal is on trial in Milan, Italy. Defense lawyers have wanted to cross-examine her and also testify in person in Italy but she refused to go to Milan claiming that she was "scared". 

Michal's lawyer Simone Zancabi, however, pointed out how Ayling was in Milan a couple of months ago and posted pictures and said it was "one of my favorite cities".

Ayling recalled how she showed up at a photo shoot in Milan in 2017 only to find that it was a setup and she was snatched and thrown into the back of a car. As reported by The Sun, she shared, "I felt an arm on my nose and face and I tried to pull away but I couldn’t fight for long."

Chloe Ayling opened up on her terrifying kidnapping experience (Source: chloeayling97, Instagram)


"There were two men. They both had balaclavas on and I suddenly felt an injection in my right wrist. Straight away I felt drowsy and I fell to the floor unconscious. When I started to wake up I was in a restricted area, I was in a black duffel bag. I had tape all around my mouth and I had handcuffs on my wrists and handcuffs on my ankles. I was only wearing my bodysuit. I had been stripped of my clothes. I had my socks on and a hole had been cut in the bag so I could breathe," she recalled. 

"At first I didn’t know where I was but then as the drugs wore off I could hear the noise of a car and realized I was in a bag in the boot of a car. I tried to speak and I tried to get the attention of the driver. The car came to a stop and the boot was opened and one of the masked guys got in with me. He said no one would hurt me and he said he didn’t know where we going. He had heavy accented English. He said no one will hurt you," she added. 

"I later recognized him as Michal Herba after the British media showed me his picture," she continued. Ayling also recalled being handcuffed to furniture in a bedroom at the farmhouse and upon being asked to go into more detail, she said she was unable to remember it.

"There were three of us in the room. One was Michal and the other guy has a mask on and he pointed to a sleeping bag on the floor."

Chloe Ayling (Source: Instagram)


Ayling described how the masked men had told her that they do not kidnap young mothers with children and told the court that at the time she had a toddler who was two years old. She was also asked about her conversation with the brothers while in the farmhouse and said, "They told me they were working for an organization called the Black Death Group which was on the Dark Web."

"They said they had taken me for a sex trafficking gang. Lukasz said he was a hitman for the gang. He was high level. He would kill people by poisoning them or shooting them. Lukasz said that he took care of the killings as he was higher up in the gang. Lukasz was known as MD and he said he was at level 12 in the group which went up to level 20."

The mother claims that she was drugged and held for six days before being released.

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