Terrifying CCTV footage shows girl being slammed on to a road by "ghost"

Terrifying CCTV footage shows girl being slammed on to a road by "ghost"
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Ghost stories are reported almost every day. Most of these are fake and easily refutable, but some footages that are captured can be highly convincing - much like this one where a petite young girl is thrown across the pavement in a highly unnatural movement.

At the beginning of the video, a man is seen walking the pavement wearing an orange shirt and checking his phone. The captured CCTV footage shows a girl carrying a basket while walking out of a building, reports the Daily Star.

As she walks onto a road, she turns back to the pavement as a truck passes the scene. In a sudden moment, the girl wearing a dark frock and a white top is violently hurled, landing on a cardboard box on the floor. 

The burly man in orange rushed to her rescue and onlookers nearby managed to help her get on her feet as the video concluded. The strange video went viral online as soon as it was posted. The footage was captioned:  “Girl thrown into the air by strange forces, give a logical explanation for this.”

Social media users were quick to respond to the bizarre footage, with one writing: “Looks like a very bad, powerful ghost.” 

Some others tried to justify the movement of the girl saying she was caught by a rope pulled out by a passing heavy truck. The rope is apparently difficult to see in the grainy video.

“For me, it appears to be some kind of rope or wire, she looked down to something and tried to avoid it,” another pointed out.

“Then the wire stretched, probably pulled by the truck that was passing by.”

A third viewer concurred, commenting: “The truck caught a wire, its hard to see, she's lucky she didn’t her head ripped off.”

The video comes in after a "ghost hunter" was petrified after catching an "apparition" at “America’s deadliest national park”. Paranormal activities are reported on a daily basis across the Internet. The number of these that are backed by solid evidence or proof is a different question altogether.


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