Terrifying footage shows four men carrying woman out of bar before gang-raping and murdering her

Terrifying footage shows four men carrying woman out of bar before gang-raping and murdering her
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The horrifying moment four men carried a drunk and allegedly "drugged" woman out of a bar in Thailand before she was gang raped and murdered was captured on CCTV. The footage shows the men even walking right past a security guard outside the pub.

21-year-old Nong Gift was watching the Champions League final match between Real Madrid and Liverpool on May 27 with her friends. They were at a bar in Chanthaburi, Thailand.

Gift is a cosmetics seller by day. She was found unconscious inside the bar and was taken by four men at 2 am in the back of a white pickup truck. The men had told the bar staff that they would take her home. Her relatives say that she was drugged.

One of the four men knew her personally and this is one of the reasons they were able to get away with it. The four men drove an unconscious Gift into a quiet corner of an orchard. It has been claimed that after reaching the orchard, the men raped her continuously and then beat her to death.

The men — Nattaphong Saenkraud, Patti Boonthal, Panya Chan Somdee and Suitsit Jaechim — allegedly confessed to the crime. On May 30, the four suspects were taken around the various crime scenes for a re-enactment of the crime.

In the CCTV footage, one of Gift's female friends can be seen going with the men and her unconscious friend towards the pickup truck. The friend thought that the men would take Gift back to her place like they had said they would. Little did she realise they had other plans.

Police Major General Charn Jitjunjun said: "The victim was found dead on the same night. Four men have been arrested and confessed to their part in the crime. The victim was raped by four people and we believe beaten until she died. Her body was found with foam around her mouth, a nose bleed and part of her clothes on the floor."

One woman who had been with Gift earlier in the evening came forward and said that she had left her with the men because she was under the impression that Gift and them were friends. The victim, along with three other women, were at a bar watching the match. This included Airziz Opachat, a woman whom Gift had been on holiday with.

Airziz said: "I'm sorry. If we knew that last night was the last time we were together I would have taken care of you better. I'm sorry I did not take care of you better." According to Opachat, the other girls left earlier and she also said that Gift "didn't seem very drunk". 


She added: "Nong already knew one of the men. She was friendly with everyone. It was normal for her to be out chatting with people. I thought that she had arrived with these men and was friends with them."

The young woman's body was found in the fruit processing area of the orchard the next day. Later on May 27 afternoon, the four suspects were arrested. The authorities were able to use the CCTV footage to identify and capture the men.

The man who knew Gift then claimed that he was only the driver. He also said that he drove the other men and Gift to the secluded area where she was later murdered.

The authorities are in the process of carrying out their post-mortem exams on Gift's body to see if she was really drugged or not. The exact cause of her death has to be determined as well. Her relatives are sure that she was drugged as the friend who had been with her said that she seemed fine initially.

Police Major General Charn Jitjunjun added: "The full investigation has not been concluded and police are still establishing the exact situation." 


"Relatives of the victim believe she was drugged. She was used to drinking alcohol and would not have been unconscious like this." 

"During the re-enactment there were many angry friends and relatives who tried to attack the accused men but police were able to control the situation.'

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 CCTV footage four men carrying drunk woman out of bar before gang raping her