CBS's 'Grease Sing-A-Long' has fans saying they never realized how dirty 'Greased Lightening' lyrics were

Fans just realized after 42 longs years that the lyrics to 'Greased Lightening' weren't exactly innocent

                            CBS's 'Grease Sing-A-Long' has fans saying they never realized how dirty 'Greased Lightening' lyrics were
Grease (IMDb)

CBS has been doling out some joy to fans during these gloomy times by screening popular films. After 'Titanic' and 'Forrest Gump', there was the sing-along of the classic film 'Grease', which has been a fan-favorite for ages. The sing-along was a replacement for the normal broadcast of the 74th Annual Tony Awards. The 2020 Tony Awards were initially scheduled to air in March before the delay. In May, it was decided to cancel the conventional broadcast for the re-broadcast of the 1978 musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. No new date has been announced for the Tony Awards, yet.

Nevertheless, 'Grease' began to trend on Twitter after many fans realized that the lyrics in 'Greased Lightening' were censored as they weren't exactly innocent. "I have to admit that I always sang the wrong words to and didn't know some were dirty for 42 years until CBS just censored Greased Lightning in Grease," a fan tweeted. "I was today years old when I learned the lyrics to Grease Lightening had dirty words in them lol," another fan wrote. "I’m sayin... these songs in Grease are wild. Grease Lightning. Woah buddy! This sing along has been!!!" a fan tweeted.

"The Grease sing-a-long on @CBS is missing a lot of words in Greased Lightning. C'mon it's 2020 and we can't say s**t, tit, cream, rocks, or p****y wagon. That's half of the song Did our parents know what we were singing? Did WE know what we were singing??" wrote an irritated fan. "Between the cartoony additions and editing out lyrics, that was strange. P.s I always thought the movie version said scream. I didn't learn until High School the actual musical lyrics weren't that innocent," another fan noted. "I would like to see the movie Grease redone - but focus on Rizzo and kenickie instead of sandy and Danny," a fan noted, saying that the film shouldn't focus on Travolta and Newton-John's characters.

'Grease' released in June 1978, and became the highest-grossing musical ever at the time and its soundtrack album became the second-highest bestselling album of the year in the United States.

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