'Catching Lightning' on Showtime: Release date and where to watch

'Catching Lightning' on Showtime: Release date and where to watch
The official poster of 'Catching Lightning' (Showtime)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA:  Documentaries focusing on controversial personalities have always been fascinating to watch. Striking details, explosive interviews, exclusive footage, etc are all that make a hit documentary. Joining the club is the latest offering from Showtime Sports Documentary Films titled 'Catching Lightning'.

It is a riveting four-part documentary series featuring the life of infamous mixed martial arts fighter ''Lightning'' Lee Murray and his famous multi-million dollar bank heist. Pat Kondelis has directed the docu-series. Kondelis is an award-winning director bagging 2 EMMYs for 'Outcry' and 'Disgraced'. The limited series will explore the long-going investigations that dominated British news at a length. Apart from Murray's family, a few MMA legends like Anderson Silva and Chuck Liddel have also featured in 'Catching Lightning'. Find out when and where will 'Catching Lightning' premiere.


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When and where does 'Catching Lightning' release? 

'Catching Lightning' premiers on April 7, 2023, on all streaming and on-demand platforms for Showtime subscribers. The docuseries will be going on-air on April 9, 2023, at 8 PM ET/PT. 


Check out the trailer before 'Catching Lightning' premieres. 



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 'Catching Lightning' on Showtime: Release date and where to watch