'Castlevania' Season 4 Ending Explained: Carmilla, Isaac battle and Trevor's fate, here’s breakdown of finale

With Alucard's humanity on the line, along with all of the human race, the question stands -- who will come out on top?

                            'Castlevania' Season 4 Ending Explained: Carmilla, Isaac battle and Trevor's fate, here’s breakdown of finale
Carmilla of Styria in 'Castlevania' (Netflix)

Spoilers ahead for 'Castlevania' Season 4 Episode 10 'It's Been A Strange Ride'

For fans of 'Castlevania', season 4 is finally here, marking the beginning of the end. With Isaac and Carmilla all set to battle it out and the possibility of Dracula making a comeback, it's up to Trevor and Sypha to save all of humanity from impending doom. And, there is also the most pressing question -- is Alucard destined to follow his father's path of destruction and descent into darkness.

Season 4 not only sees an epic showdown between Isaac and Carmilla as the two face off but also sees another character make his way back to the series, resulting in the ultimate showdown between Trevor Belmont and Death itself.


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The last episode of the series sees a now captured Hector and Lenore talking about the events that have transpired. With Isaac and Carmilla facing off, Carmilla goes all out in battle while fighting him. Seeing that Hector and Isaac reconcile, Hector cuts off his finger which has the ring that controls the night creature army, and by extension, severs Carmilla's command over them as well.

Issac, who previously spares Hector, saying that he now wants to live and rule in a way unlike Dracula and create a better future, is ready to put an end to Carmilla and her reign of terror. By the time Isaac gets to Carmilla, her bloodlust has consumed her, as she kills everything in sight. Isaac spares no minute in trying to kill the vampire, but she is no match for him and his army, as she is fighting alone. Carmilla realizes this, as the fight continues, she grows considerably weak. Unable to withstand the blows, Carmilla, in an act of sheer defiance, spits out her last words, proclaiming that she is Carmilla of Styria, before impaling herself with her own sword. The castle subsequently sees an explosion, however, Issac, Hector and Lenore make it out alive.

Lenore is concerned for her sister, Carmilla's bloodlust, as seen in 'Castlevania' (Netflix)

Back at Dracula's castle, St Germain, who has now returned focuses on opening the infinite corridor -- having learned that while he may not be able to control it from the inside, there is a way to do so -- by creating a mechanism that can do it for him instead. Seeing that his journey to find the woman he loves, the one he lost to this anomaly, has been futile, St Germain is now determined to create a many-souled creature to help him do it instead.

It's here that he explains to Alucard that he plans on doing so by embedding his father, Dracula, and his mother, Lisa's souls into a Rebis, a hermaphrodite vessel. For a brief moment, Lisa and Dracula's souls are seen, as they are embracing, before they're drawn out from hell and thrust into the vessel. It is then that Death appears, demanding payment for the souls Dracula would have delivered to him via his destruction.

However, Trevor and Sypha arrive just in time. As a battle continues, destroying the palace, Trevor takes on Death on his own, as Sypha and Alucard barely make it out alive. Trevor is presumed to be dead.

Trevor Belmont faces off against Death, as seen in 'Castlevania' (Netflix)

In the final episode, Lenore explains to Hector that for vampires, who live far longer than humans, change is never welcomed and thus, strength is where their comfort lies. She also informs him that she can't live in a cage, even with him, seeing that Isaac has them imprisoned, but not under harsh conditions.

However, Lenore refuses to live like this. She willingly walks into the sunlight and takes her own life, as Hector watches. Alucard on the other hand, with Greta, begin to rebuild the village of Danesti. They both hope to start a new life, with Alucard focusing on helping humans.

Greta informs Alucard of Sypha's appearance, seeing that the sorceress emerges after two weeks of silence. Alucard approaches her, while Sypha informs him that she needs to leave, she can't keep relying on him, and she needs to think of her child as well, as she is pregnant and Trevor is no more.

Alucard convinces her to stay instead, seeing that they are rebuilding a village and they need her and that he wants to call the new settlement Belmount, in memory of Trevor. An emotional Sypha agrees. They suddenly notice a familiar horse at a distance and both rush to it, to see who the rider is.

The wary rider falls off his stead and it is revealed to be Trevor who is gravely injured, but still alive. He explains that St Germain opened the infinite corridor once again, just as Trevor managed to run a dagger he found in Targoviste through Death.

Turns out, the dagger he had was made by a "mad wizard blacksmith to enact a one-sided suicide death pact with God." The couple is finally reunited and peace is restored. The series doesn't quite end here, as we later see a couple running through the rain.

Although it's not explained how, Dracula and Lisa make it out alive, after their souls were dragged out of hell and trapped in the Rebis. They too are now restricted, although it's not known how they gained physical forms.

Nevertheless, they are finally reunited, while Dracula, who now goes by Vlad suggests that they travel the world, possibly to England. The two agree, before falling asleep, hands intertwined, in hope of living a peaceful life.

While the series ends with a few open-ended questions, there's a possibility we might just get answers to said questions soon enough, seeing that Netflix plans on launching another series in the same universe. But for now, it seems like Vlad Dracula Tepes, the big bad of 'Castlevania' might have just gotten an unlikely happy ending.

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