'Castle Rock' Season 2: How will Annie Wilkes fight against the Angel whose evil has taken over the doomed town?

Things are coming to a breaking point in Hulu's 'Castle Rock'.

                            'Castle Rock' Season 2: How will Annie Wilkes fight against the Angel whose evil has taken over the doomed town?
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Things are coming to a grisly head in Hulu's 'Castle Rock'. Annie Wilkes (Lizzy Caplan) and Nadia's (Yusra Warsama) disturbing family troubles are comparatively insignificant in the face of the satanic takeover of the doomed town. The Angel is reigning supreme in its form of evil, and the possessed residents of Castle Rock are parading him around. And to add to Annie's woes, her daughter Joy (Elsie Fisher) is now one of them. There is only one way to resist the Angel's evil effect, and that's the use of medication and drugs. And that is the reason why Annie isn't part of the apocalyptic crowd, as she takes anti-psychotic drugs. 


Meanwhile, Nadia has to deal with a possessed Chris (Matthew Alan), who is strapped to a gurney in the hospital. Drugs are the solution here too. He has his moments of clarity as he fights hard against the spirit of the Frenchman who is trying to take over his body. And he finally gives up his life to save Nadia from goons.

'Castle Rock' is quickly building up to its bloodied crescendo, and going full steam ahead with its heavily inspired 'Salem's Lot' storyline, more than 'Misery', for now. For those unfamiliar with 'Salem's Lot', it is the story of how the protagonist has to fight back against a town, where the residents are all becoming vampires. At the end of the story, Ben, the protagonist, starts a fire in the woods with the intent of destroying it and the ghostly Marsten House once and for all. In 'Castle Rock', instead of vampires, the town residents have become possessed by the evil Angel, and are committing gruesome crimes under its influence. And right now, it's only Annie Wilkes and Nadia, who have not yet been affected by the demonic presence. With just an episode left for the finale, how will Annie and Nadia contend against the evil that's swept the town?

There are several outcomes. It's quite possible that the show might take the 'Salem Lot' route, and have them all burned to death. Yet, 'Castle Rock' is also the origin story for 'Misery's Annie Wilkes, so this won't have an entirely happy ending, to say the least. Joy could be killed, which would completely push Annie over the edge and drive her to become the ax-wielding psychotic nurse that we're all so familiar with. Or, maybe, Joy will be the one to survive and Annie dies, and as popular theory suggests, Joy could be Annie Wilkes. What role would Nadia have to play in all this?

'Castle Rock' airs on Hulu at 12 am ET on Wednesdays.

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