Cassidy vs Hitman Holla: Rapper dubbed 'Goat of s**t talkin' after N-word rant before explosive rap battle

Cassidy vs Hitman Holla: Rapper dubbed 'Goat of s**t talkin' after N-word rant before explosive rap battle
Cassidy and Hitman Holla are set to engage in a rap battle (Getty Images)

Battle rap is one of the most hard-hitting sub-genres of hip-hop and things usually get ugly between opponents as they try their best to show each other down. There are few who get easily provoked and then there are those who are funny and yet succeed in shooting down their opponent and guess, battle rapper Cassidy easily fits into the second category.

The Philadelphia-based rapper is going for a showdown event MAX OUT opposite Hitman Holla in April and it seems he is already becoming a hot topic after he got into the N-word rant when both artistes debuted in a face-off prior to their battle. The organizers Rare Breed Entertainment shared a video on their YouTube channel where we saw Cassidy and Holla getting into a heated argument.
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Cassidy appears on stage during the taping of MTV's "Direct Effect Presents: Straight Up Hip Hop All Week" at the MTV Times Square Studios on April 20, 2004, in New York City (Getty Images)

Cassidy vs Hitman Holla

Cassidy, who is considered as one of the top mainstream battle rappers debated over Holla’s credibility in the game while showing-off who had a better career.  Hitman Holla might not be that popular but if we look at his track record, he has won a few battles against some of the biggest names in battle rap.

The 38-year-old hip-hop artiste reminded Hitman Holla that he was once his hypeman on the show ‘Wild N Out’ saying, “Your views isn't going to be your hypeman like you was my hypeman on Wild N' Out.”

Throwing a shot at Cassidy, Holla tried to make his comeback saying that eventually, he will end up winning to which Cassidy replied while blurting out the N-word. “You runnin' to act like you 'bout to get a bag. What are you doin'? First of all, you bluffin', my n****. Like, if you was there by yourself and your gat was in that bag — let's be serious. Everybody actin' like they can't talk. You was acting like you was gonna grab the bag like you had a strap in it.”

He added, “So if you was there by yourself and you sayin' I had 20 n****s with me, then I would've been wearing my bag.” The much-awaited Rare Breed Entertainment’s MAX OUT event will be held on April 3, 2021, and will also feature Ill Will vs A Ward, O-Red vs Jag, Bigg K vs Serius Jones and Showoff vs Rosenberg Raw. 




‘Cassidy has tunnel vision in faceoffs’

The intense face-off soon got the Internet talking where the majority of them discussed Cassidy’s behavior. One user said, “Man this funny af but it ain’t like @CASSIDY_LARSINY lying...if you ain’t dancing during the intro you don’t matter.” Another added, “Cassidy’s logic about Hitman running to grab a bag that supposedly had a gun in it is hilarious and accurate.”

The next one shared, “@CASSIDY_LARSINY the goat of this s**t talkin...look how mad Hitman is man” whereas, another asserted, “Cassidy IS HILARIOUS I SWEAR TO GOD.” Speaking on the same lines, one user tweeted, “Cassidy has tunnel vision in faceoffs... he dont stumble on his words or nothing... laser sharp focus... lolololol april 3rd.” Another concluded, “But u know what, I really hope Cassidy win lmao cuz all hitman holla gone do is just get more big headed.” 

Hip-hop artiste Cassidy attends the "Red Hook Summer" premiere at the DGA Theater on August 6, 2012, in New York City (Getty Images)








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