Squared Circle Sirens owner Casey Michael dies at 26, fans say 'women's wrestling lost an amazing advocate'

Casey was an important voice for women’s wrestling so his passing is a huge loss

                            Squared Circle Sirens owner Casey Michael dies at 26, fans say 'women's wrestling lost an amazing advocate'
(Squared Circle Sirens)

Casey Michael, the 26-year-old owner of the wrestling website Squared Circle Sirens which focused on women's wrestling, died on September 2. It was announced oh his site‘s official Twitter account. Squared Circle Sirens tweeted, “It’s with a heavy heart we inform you that our beloved friend and @SCsirens owner Casey Michael (@ifyouseekcasey) has passed away at age 26. His contributions to women’s wrestling and the friendships made will live on in his memory forever. We love you, Casey.”



The cause of his death was not known yet, but Michael had opened up about his medical issues on Instagram, as reported by Heavy. In September 2019, he shared a photo where he was looking frail and was doing physical exercise with a tube was attached to his nose. He said he underwent surgery and had to be forced-fed through a feeding tube and needed intense physical therapy to learn how to walk again, post-surgery. In the post he had written: “About a year ago I underwent my second major surgery of the year. I got 18 inches of my intestines removed for the second time after they twisted and died. I spent over 6 months in the hospital and had so many complications including 5 blood clots. I had a feeding tube placed. I had to learn how to walk again. It’s been a long journey. I’m still not 100% but the good days are finally outweighing the bad and I’m starting to feel somewhat normal.” His last photo on Instagram was on February 8 – a selfie.

According to Wrestling Edge, he was an important advocate of women’s wrestling, and through his platform helped highlight performers as well as call out companies’ shortcomings. On August 30, he had tweeted, "Women’s wrestling is just the best. I’m blessed."



Twitter mourned his death. Wrestler Madison Rayne wrote: "This hurts. Love and prayers to all of Casey’s friends and family."



Wrestler Killer Kelly tweeted, “He was such a strong person… my condolences.”



A user said, "RIP Casey. Wrestling and particularly the women's side of it lost an amazing advocate. My guy deserved so much better..."



Another user shared, "I’ve been sitting here stunned for over an hour, and I didn’t even know him personally. I can barely fathom the impact he had and the void that is left without him. It is the duty of all of us to carry on his work in championing women’s wrestling and uplifting others. RIP Casey." Another fan noting his contributions said: "If you cover or consume wrestling in any way, you had to encounter the work of Larry Csonka and Casey Michael. To lose them both in the same year is seismic. There is a chasm left by their absence."






One said, "26 years old is just too dam young to die. When all you want to do is enjoy what you love, your time is spent dealing with sickness and hospitals. Life just isn't fair sometimes. Esp to those that have beautiful souls. To ones who only wish to spread positivity. RIP Casey"



A user stated, "Casey was absolutely one of a kind. someone who wanted better for the women from every single side of pro wrestling. he did everything he could to push so many women forward and above. he was genuine and special. this is absolutely devastating. rip casey."



Another said, "RIP Casey. What an incredibly kind & gentle soul. We've been mutuals since 2014 & he's always been nothing but positive, warm, and welcoming. He brought so much with his great views & helped with the Women's Evolution in wrestling. This is so devastating to hear. A tough loss."


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