'Young Justice': Has Cartoon Network made a big mistake by pulling out one of their most popular DC shows?

Following the critical acclaim of 'Young Justice', did Cartoon Network lose out on one of the best animated shows it has recently aired?

                            'Young Justice': Has Cartoon Network made a big mistake by pulling out one of their most popular DC shows?

DC is known the world over as one of the biggest names in the comic book industry, while also simultaneously producing their Superhero animated series with the help of Warner Bros. Having grown up watching the 'Batman: The Animated Series', and all the subsequent DC animations and shorts, as a consumer, where a show is aired would never usually be a concern of mine.

But with the cancellation of 'Young Justice' from Cartoon Network, it did trouble me that I may never be able to see my favorite characters completing the Apokolips story arc, and it seems that I'm not the only one.


For a network as big as Cartoon Network, you'd expect them to pick up more of the superhero storylines and go with it. But as we learn, just because the public demands it, doesn't mean the network will oblige. With networks more concerned about the sale of action figures than getting revenue through viewership, we lost a lot of good shows to corporate greed.

We see Cartoon Network does want to air good shows, but only if it influences kids enough to go out and buy their merchandise. Today, with some viewers well into their late 50's and still reading comics and supporting their favorite heroes, Cartoon Network did lose out when they decided not to renew their contract with DC for 'Green Lantern: The Animated Series', and 'Young Justice'. When will "Big Cartoon" realize viewers are what make the network, and revenue can be generated through multiple channels other than selling cheap plastic toys for profit?


Heck, I'm almost 30 years old, and I still buy action figures if I like the detail and feel that it's worth the price, which goes to show that there is no age limit to buy toys, and there definitely is no age limit for viewership. As much as I used to love Cartoon Network, with the shows they're airing these days, their target audience is not older than 12.

Though 'Young Justice' caters to a broad age range, I wouldn't say the show is kid-friendly, but back in the '90s, Cartoon Network wasn't as stringent in its censorship rules. There was no real filter on content shown in cartoons and we were introduced to topics on smoking, drinking, violence, and part-nudity, and I turned out all right.

And, 'Young Justice' doesn't follow any of these topics other than a little bit of violence (because, hey, it's a superhero show, can't defeat bad guys with flowers) which is still nothing compared to the kind of things kids are exposed to on the internet today.

Following the cancellation of these well-received shows, DC launched www.dcuniverse.com, where fans can read up on their favorite comics, press releases, industry updates and most importantly catch exclusive DC shows which will not be available on any other network.

DC will now be free to explore their characters to the fullest extent without backlash from overly-concerned parents. They don't have to depend on cheap network tactics to get their stories aired anymore.

Or so it seems for now...


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