Carrie Underwood back with new SNF theme song: Fans would rather hear 'otters singing Spice Girls in Korean'

Carrie Underwood back with new SNF theme song

                            Carrie Underwood back with new SNF theme song: Fans would rather hear 'otters singing Spice Girls in Korean'
Carrie Underwood (Getty Images)

One of the most popular country singers in the world, Carrie Underwood is a regular at the NFL. Apart from her songs, she has also made her name for singing their theme song at the beginning of a new season every year. The American singer-songwriter has held the honor of singing the theme for Sunday Night Football (SNF) on NBC for the last eight years and without a second guess, the country singer is back at it.

The 37-year-old crooner took to her official Twitter account to share a few ‘behind the scenes’ moments for her fans. While re-tweeting the video from the official account of Sunday Night Football, the singer stated, “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night!” She then re-tweeted this year’s theme song from the official account of Sunday Night Football.





According to Sounds Like Nashville, Carrie said, “We all want to make each year feel special and unique. More than anything, everybody is just grateful that we get to do this. Fans are gonna get to be a part of the open. With our world today and trying to do things in a socially distanced manner, that lended itself to giving us a new perspective on the open.”

Now, the moment she shared the ‘behind the scenes’ video and this year’s theme song, her fans started pouring in tweets. While a few loved the new theme song, a few others slammed her. 

One said, “Nothing against you,love your music. But screw the NFL!! 2 anthems before the game? Who the hell do they think they are.”  Another social media user commenting on the same said, “Can’t believe you are doing anything for the NFL.. you just lost my support!! #bluelivesmatter too Carrie!! Guess you will do anything for money!!”

One sharing the same feeling added, “Truly hate to see that you and the crew worked so hard for nothing..the @NFL  died Thursday night... Rest In Peace NFL....” One said, “I’m I the only one that can’t stand Carrie Underwood? He voice is awful. I’d rather hear otters sing Spice Girls songs in Korean than hear her.”









A few of Underwood’s loyal fans showered their love on the new theme song and tweeted in support of the singer. One said, “Best part of Sunday night football? Carrie Underwood..” One user tweeted, “Well hello Mrs. Carrie Underwood-Wade, I’ve also been waiting all day for Sunday night.”

One fan added, “Hearing that “waiting all day for Sunday night” by Carrie Underwood made me feel like the world was back to normal again. Thank goodness football is back.”







No matter what the tweets say it seems Carrie Underwood is surely having a gala time in her life right now. Apart from the SNF theme song, the ‘Inside Your Heaven’ hit-maker will also perform live at the 55th Annual ACM Awards.  The talented vocalist has scored two nominations at the prestigious award show including ‘Entertainer of the Year’ and ‘Female Artist of the Year.’

The 55th Annual ACM Awards are happening on September 16, at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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