Superbike legend Carl Fogarty slams Ant McPartlin; tells him to 'man up' by not making rehab an excuse for mistakes

Carl Fogarty feels Ant doesn't need to go to rehab for the accident and instead should be sorting things out.

                            Superbike legend Carl Fogarty slams Ant McPartlin; tells him to 'man up' by not making rehab an excuse for mistakes
Ant McPartlin (Source:Getty Images)

Ant McPartlin was recently charged with a fine of £86,000 and has been banned from driving for 20 months following his drink-driving incident and while he stated that he had been 'ashamed and mortified' following the incident, Carl Fogarty, a world superbike racer, does not buy what the actor has to say to people. 

Carl wants Ant McPartlin to stop using rehab as an excuse (Photo by Karwai Tang/Getty Images)

According to The Sun, in an interview with Daily Star, Carl, who had met Ant when the two were together for 'I am a celebrity", thought that Ant was taking rehab as an excuse for his actions and felt that it was not right. "Don’t go running off to rehab every five minutes when something goes wrong," he said in the interview. "He got in a car p****d – don’t do that, it’s not right. You don’t need to go to rehab to be told to sort that out, you know that’s wrong and you shouldn’t be doing that."

Carl thinks that Ant needs to think about what he has done and finally accept the mistakes that he has committed. “He needs telling straight, he needs to sort himself out and man up," he said. This comes after Ant decided to head back to rehab in order to get his actions in place following the accident which took place on March 20. 


Ant McPartlin apologized for his actions (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images,)

After the accident Ant had also announced that he would be taking a break from his television commitments. Recently, the actor appeared in the court and pleaded guilty for the accident.  Ant apologized to the police for his behavior in a statement. "I'm very sorry I did this. I'm ashamed and mortified that this happened," he said.

Meanwhile, his defense barrister Liam Walker told the court that he had suffered a 'brief relapse' which was unbeknownst to his mum. "Anthony McPartlin is sorry. He is doing everything he can so this never happens again. He hopes that in time he can make himself better and he might be forgiven by all the people he feels he has let down so terribly," Liam said.

He added that Ant was trying to come to terms with the collapse of his marriage and has been getting treatment for "alcohol and emotional issues". As of now, he plans to focus on getting back to rehab and make sure that he gets his actions under control.