Cardi B unwittingly becomes the new icon of anti-abortionists

In the interview, Cardi explains why she decided against having an abortion, after many people criticized her for having a baby amidst stardom

                             Cardi B unwittingly becomes the new icon of anti-abortionists
Cardi B (Source : Getty Images)

Anti-abortionists in America have unofficially made Cardi B the new face of their pro-life campaign. The rapper recently made headlines when she announced her somewhat secretive pregnancy on Saturday Night Live.

Between the release of her new album 'Invasion of Privacy' and her much-awaited performance at Coachella, Cardi had time to sit down with Power 105.1's 'The Breakfast Club' and discuss her amazing achievements. 

The hosts soon breached the subject of her pregnancy. One host, Charlamagne tha God, asked Cardi if the whole thing was planned with her fiancé, rapper Offset. Bluntly, Cardi said: "You know what? I'm a grown woman. I'm 25 years old. I’m gonna say this in the most humblest way, I'm a schmillionaire. And I'm prepared for this."

Many anti-abortionists praised the 'Bodak Yellow' star for 'choosing life' over anything else. Pro-life websites have taken Cardi's interview, spinning many pro-life articles around the rapper's statement in order to push their anti-abortion propaganda.