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Cardi B tells fans to 'wear all black' while voting, Internet says she's the 'last one to take advice from'

Cardi B, endorsing the Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala harris, once again urged her fans to go out and vote
Cardi B (Getty Images)
Cardi B (Getty Images)

Cardi B, who has been endorsing the Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, once again urged her fans to go out and vote. Apart from encouraging fans to vote, the 'WAP' rapper shared other words of wisdom which included asking her fans to wear all black when going out to vote.

Cardi also asked her followers to not get laidback or be discouraged. She insisted that all of them go to the polling booths and cast their valuable votes as she is tired of the current "bullsh*t" and hearing Trump talk. The rapper posted a video on her social media accounts with the caption, "Tomorrow is the day! I’m not going to front I’m so nervous about the outcome but I know we can make a change. LET'S GO!" followed by the hashtag #BIGBIDEN.

The reason behind the rapper asking her fans to wear all black was so they don't get harassed or attacked by Trump supporters. According to Cardi, it is important that MAGA supporters don't find out who's voting for who as there's a risk of getting hounded for being a Biden and Harris voter. Cardi thus asked her fans to keep it simple and wear all black on voting day.

Talking about getting stuck in long lines, she said, "If you do get caught in them lines, don’t get discouraged...Let’s all go vote tomorrow." You can see Cardi's full post below as posted by the official Pop Crave Twitter account.


Reacting to Cardi's appeal, a Trump supporter tweeted, "She can't even pick a husband for four years, why would anyone listen to her about who to vote for (but still, go vote. At least I've been married 13 years so I can tell yall who to vote for)," while another Trump supporter wrote, "She's the last one we should take advice from, she probably just did a few lines of coke and felt chatty." A different Trump supporter said, "If you ain't voting Trump, just sleep in tomorrow. Sleep through the whole day. Take some bars, f**k off out adult affairs."




A Twitter user spoke in Cardi's support and wrote, "The only time I appreciate her being out spoken is when she speaks on things that need to be talked about. I can’t help but to stan this she’s right," while another, appreciating the rapper, said, "Cardi has MILLIONS of followers, I’ve always been pretty respectful to her for using her platform for good when it comes to politics. This is good to see."