Is the Nicki Minaj army behind Cardi B's 3-year-old video about 'drugging and robbing' going viral?

Several people on social media are speculating that Minaj's fans may have had something to do with the resurfaced video.

                            Is the Nicki Minaj army behind Cardi B's 3-year-old video about 'drugging and robbing' going viral?
Cardi B (Source : Getty Images)

The resurfacing of Cardi B's three-year-old video, where she admits to drugging men and robbing them while she was working as a stripper in New York, is being given traction by online fans of Nicki Minaj, who are having a field day with the tag "#SurvivingCardiB."

Following outrage over the video, Cardi released a statement on Instagram where she admitted she did what she did for "survival".

"I never glorified the things I brought up in that [Instagram] live I never even put those things in my music because I am not proud of it and feel a responsibility not to glorify it."

But even as allegations of drugging, robbing and (the latest one) raping are doing the rounds, there are some who say that the rapper never said "drug" in the first place. 

But this resurfacing and the rampant sharing and retweeting of the video, and the subsequent backlash seems to be coming from anonymous accounts on both Instagram and Twitter, and honestly it doesn't look that honest to us. Many of those participating in the #SurvivingCardiB hashtag seem to be Nicki Minaj stans.

This anonymous account previously had tweeted another video fueling the Cardi-Nicki feud in favour of Nicki. 

The same account posted another tweet in favour of Minaj.

Another Twitter account looks like it was made only to call out Cardi. 

These accounts that are calling out Cardi's admission make it a point to mention "rape", something the rapper has never said herself. In fact, even Cardi has said that she never actually forced anyone to penetrate her.

These inferences do not match with her statements. In the [resurfaced] video, she says the gentlemen propositioned her for sex and she robbed them. These inferences, whether deliberate or as a result of honest misunderstandings, aren't shaping up well. 

But rap fans should be aware of how this set up works. Several male rappers have rapped about using women to set up rivals. From Nas to Ty Dolla Sign (song Paranoid featuring B.o.B). After gaining access to an intimate setting with the said target, the women involved in the scheme either drug him and run with his valuables and/or allow access to others in on the plan.

Some obviously pointed out that the whole thing was the doing of Minaj fans.

With social media divided, some people are waiting for things to clear up.