Captain America: Birthday wishes pour in for Marvel hero on 4th of July, fans sorry as US is a 'dumpster fire'

Captain America: Birthday wishes pour in for Marvel hero on 4th of July, fans sorry as US is a 'dumpster fire'
Captain America (IMDb)

It's July 4, and for Marvel fans, that means it's Captain America's birthday. The stoic and virtuous hero who was born in 1918 turns 102 this year. Cap has always been a fan-favorite, due to his values, heart, courage and soul, and is often considered the emblem of patriotism for fans. The character has had innumerable arcs and rewrites since the 1940s, and was brought to the big screen by Chris Evans, who made the character more heroic than ever. We might not see Evans's Cap anymore in the films, as 'Avengers: Endgame' was his last gig as the character. In 'Endgame', Cap lived out the remainder of his life with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), after returning the infinity stones to their respective timelines. He handed over his shield to Falcon (Anthony Mackie), who will be carrying on his legacy in 'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier'.

Fans are busy wishing Captain America happy birthday on social media. "Happy Captain America Day....because he wouldn't support our country rn," a fan tweeted. "Happy birthday Captain America. there is no other holiday to celebrate today. carry on," another noted.

"Happy birthday Steve Rogers aka Captain America, not America itself!!! I love what Captain America and his shield stands for, not what American Flag stands for!!" a fan wrote. "Happy birthday to steve rogers, to the only mortal who can wield mjolnir. i will always miss you," another tweeted.


"Happy birthday@CaptainAmerica !!!! Throwback to when he lifted Thor’s hammer, best moment ever," wrote a fan, referring to the epic moment in 'Endgame', when Cap lifted Thor's hammer in battle, proving that he was indeed worthy.

"FRIENDLY REMINDER STEVE ROGERS IS WORTHY!!! HE LIFTED MJOLNIR!! happy birthday to my favorite boomer!!!" A fan wrote, echoing this sentiment. 


"Happy Birthday Cap, sorry the country you represent is a literal dumpster fire. we’re trying to make change I promise," another tweeted.

"Happy birthday to Captain America, the hottest piece of propaganda ass in modern history," another wrote.

"Today marks the anniversary of the most powerful symbols in existence. A symbol that rose up to become the beacon of freedom & hope known to billions around the world. Today, let us wish @CaptainAmerica a very happy birthday, & send the best to Mr. @ChrisEvans for being AWESOME!" another fan wrote.


Well, happy birthday Captain America. Come save us, maybe?

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