Ashli Babbitt laid to rest in Pacific Ocean as pro-Trumpers demand to know identity of Capitol cop who shot her

Babbitt's family and friends bid their farewell on a boat named 'Ohana' and many took to social media to pay their condolences

                            Ashli Babbitt laid to rest in Pacific Ocean as pro-Trumpers demand to know identity of Capitol cop who shot her
Ashli Babbitt was finally laid to rest (Twitter/@Ashli_Babbitt)

Pro-Trump supporter and Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit who was shot dead during the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021, was laid to rest in the Pacific Ocean. According to the latest reports, friends and family gathered on February 21, 2021, to bid their last farewell to Babbitt on a boat named 'Ohana', which means family. This comes weeks after news broke that investigators have recommended that the police officer who shot Babbitt should not be charged. 

Those who loved Babbitt took the boat out to the ocean to lay her to rest. Many were spotted wearing tribute t-shirts to Babbit with one saying, 'R.I.P Senior Airman Ashli Babbitt. May the blood of this Patriot refresh the tree of Liberty!' Reports also add that her remains were spread next to Dog Beach.


Who is Ashli Babbitt's shooter? Capitol officer's 'heroism saved lives' but identity yet to be made public

Who shot dead Ashli Babbit? Identity of shooter not revealed amid speculation it was a Black policeman

News of Babbitt being laid to rest has been doing the rounds on social media with many users sharing condolences and prayers. "As of yesterday, Ashli Babbitt was laid to rest in one of her favorite places. The Ocean," a user shared. However, MEAWW cannot confirm whether she was buried or cremated because official sources haven't given out any information. The video of her family and friends can be seen here, as reported by Gateway Pundit.


At the same time, there is still a lot of uproar against the fact that the identity of the cop who shot Babbitt is still under wraps. And so, even now, many are taking to the social networking site to demand justice. "Why has there been NOTHING in the media covering who shot her and why?" another said. "Investigation needed!" another user simply put it. "Why has the murderer shooters name not been released yet?" another user demanded to know. 

A Capitol police officer looks out of a broken window as protesters gather on the U.S. Capitol Building on January 06, 2021 in Washington, DC (Getty Images)

"The 2020 Election was STOLEN by biden/harris. Jan. 6 RIOT was a Lefty CREATION & Execution. Ashli Babbitt was MURDERED for wearing an American Flag & her MURDER was a Lefty BIGOT cop. Facts Matter. #Justice4AshliBabbitt," one user said. 





Some are pointing out how it is suspicious that Babbitt was cremated, which raises questions. "And right on cue the PN mockingbirds put Ashli’s ashes in the Pacific Ocean. Always with the ashes. Never a body. Shocking, I know," one said. "Is this normal ?… still haven’t seen an obituary. Would love to also see autopsy report," another user wrote. 


On January 6, 2021, 35-year-old Babbitt was apparently shot once after which she fell on the floor of the Capitol building with blood oozing from her mouth. She was later pronounced dead and identified as Babbitt.

The Wall Street Journal had first reported that police investigators have recommended the officer not be charged. According to an NBC News report, the officer had not been identified by Capitol Police or investigators and the officer's lawyer Mark E Schamel said that he "used clear appropriate use of force". He added, "I think it's his heroism and his restraint that saved lives."

Many people on social media were angry that no action had been taken against the police officer. Even after she is laid to rest, people still want to know the identity of the officer who shot her. "Only republican ashli Babbitt was cold blooded murder by black police officer and democrats cover up," one said. "Has the pig who murdered #AshliBabbitt been charged yet?" another angry user asked. 



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