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CAN'T DIGEST IT! Nancy Pelosi refuses to talk about Donald Trump's 2024 run while eating during interview

'Love the way she politely throws shade,' wrote a user while another posted, 'She goes right for the jugular and doesn’t hold back! She’s the GOAT!'
Nancy Pelosi slammed Donald Trump as 'insane' when asked about his 2024 presidential run (Samuel Corum and Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Nancy Pelosi slammed Donald Trump as 'insane' when asked about his 2024 presidential run (Samuel Corum and Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: During a lunchtime interview with CNN, Nancy Pelosi was open about how she felt about the 76-year-old former President, Donald Trump. The 82-year-old California Democrat corrected the network's Jamie Gangel when the reporter inquired "what it would mean" if Trump were to win the presidency again in 2024: "I don't think we should speak about him while we're eating." “Really? Another Trump Trump presidency? Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) laughed as Pelosi continued.

Pelosi doubled down after Gangel pointed out that she had called the 45th president "insane," stating, “I think there’s a need for intervention there by his family or somebody. I don’t think he’s on the level, no.” The two Democratic leaders' joint interview with the cable network was conducted at a Chinese restaurant in the nation's capital, New York Post reported. For his part, Schumer assured Gangel that he was certain Trump would not be chosen as the 47th president. “I don’t think it will happen. The American people have gotten wise to it,” Schumer said. “It took a little while, but they did.”


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“I think President Biden has done an excellent job as president of the United States,” Pelosi said. “I hope that he does seek re-election. He’s been a great president.” Biden has not yet announced whether he would run again in 2024 but said he would make a final decision in the new year. The jab for not mentioning Donald Trump at the lunch table has the internet in splits. "Nancy, always a classy badass," the user wrote in reaction to the news clip. "Lmao, Even people on the right gotta LOVE NANCY’S WITT and attacks!! She goes right for the jugular and doesn’t hold back! She’s the GOAT!" one more user wrote. "Love the way she politely throws shade," another said. A user pointed out, "RESPECT! Don't forget the other totally epic move from Nancy captured behind the scenes when she pulled out beef jerky from her purse and opened it with her teeth during the insurrection! Defending Democracy requires protein! Fun aside - Amazing person in what she's accomplished."





There were more reactions as some said she was a powerful woman while others referred to her as a gangster. Some said that the reply to the interviewer on the show was savage and hilarious at the same time while others termed the clip epic. "Pelosi is gangster," wrote one, another said, "the last bit "I don't think he's on the level, no" is hilarious. so savage." My granddaughter will understand the power of this woman. It is my gift to her and the people who will love her in the future.




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