'Canine Intervention': Release date, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's dog-themed reality show

The series revolves around renowned dog trainer Jas Leverette and his techniques to train with behavioral issues

                            'Canine Intervention': Release date, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's dog-themed reality show
A scene from 'Canine Intervention' featuring Dog trainer Jas Leverette (Netflix)

All dogs are good dogs, but people still train their dogs for a variety of reasons. And looks like Netflix is helping them by roping in the best in the business. 

The streaming platform is coming out with 'Canine Intervention', a series that will talk about all the aspects of dog training and how human errors are responsible for everything wrong that dogs do. The upcoming docuseries revolves around Jas Leverette, a popular Oakland dog trainer who runs one of the most-renowned dog training facilities in California. The facility named Cali K9 works with almost all the breeds and work on their behavioral issues.

Each episode will feature the trainer working with a wide range of dogs and their respective owners to fix all the issues.


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Release date

The first season of the new docuseries will be available for streaming on Netflix from February 24 and will have several episodes.


‘Canine Intervention’ chronicles the journey of Jas Leverette and his world-renowned techniques to work with a variety of dogs to fix their behavioral issues. The series promises to be filled with a lot of compelling human drama and the relationship that humans share with their pets.

The reality series will also help people who adopted their first dog amid the global health crisis and need some help in their behavior. It follows Jas as he works to improve the relationship between exhausted humans and their difficult dogs.

Dog trainer Jas Leverette training one of the dogs in the upcoming series 'Canine Intervention' (Netflix)



Jas Leverette

Born in New York, Leverette has been training dogs and horses since childhood. Leverette grew up in Oakland and played games like football and equestrian sports, including jumping, trail riding, and vaulting. He was also the Oakland Athletic League wrestling champion for four years.

Jas Leverett, renowned dog trainer and owner of Cali K9, with the dogs he trained (Netflix)

The animal communicator and renowned Dog trainer used body language techniques to train dogs and horses in the initial part of his professional career. Apart from them, he also has a lot of experience in training dog trainers and service dogs that worked with various law enforcement authorities. People say that Leverette is always committed to his work and never lets his guard down while training animals.

Speaking about the new Netflix project and his work, Leverette said, “Changing that dog’s life, changing that human’s life, and creating harmony, this is my life’s work.”

He is married to Nouhaila Leverette and they share a son named Jasir together.


Created by Netflix, the series will follow the extraordinary life of Jas Leverette and his techniques to train dogs facing behavioral issues. Netflix is the leading streaming platform out there and is home to some of the most amazing content. It is also the first streaming platform to surpass 200 million subscribers for the first time.



The reality series revolves around renowned Oakland dog trainer Jas Leverette as he works with a variety of dogs and their owners to fix obedience and behavioral issues. However, the show has already sparked controversy before its release. A petition posted by Nicole Bennett on Change.org wants the streaming service to cancel the show for showing inhumane training techniques to animal owners.


Where to watch

‘Canine Intervention’ will be streaming live on Netflix from February 24 and will feature a variety of dogs getting trained by Jas Leverette.

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