Candice King is not rooting for a Klaus-Caroline romance in CW's 'The Originals'

Candice King is not rooting for a Klaus-Caroline romance in CW's 'The Originals'
Actress Candice King (Source: Getty Images)

One of the most will-they-won't-they couple of all time in the CW vampire series 'The Originals' will probably not be together, after all, hinted actor Candice King who portrays Caroline Forbes in the series. She recently revealed to Us Weekly that everyone may not be entirely okay with the season finale and that she's not really cheering for this romance.

Candice King sheds light on the Klaus- Caroline romance (Source: Getty Images)

"I never understood it, but I love that there’s such a dedication to this Caroline and Klaus love story," she told the publication while attending the Children Mending Hearts' Empathy Rocks fundraiser on Sunday, June 10.

"It just was a natural thing, knowing that The Originals was coming to an end, to really give the fans what they wanted. I think they deserved to see an element of that chapter coming to a close. I don’t know if everyone will be satisfied, but I think the majority will be pretty happy with the series finale."

The romance between Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline has been going on from the show's original predecessor 'The Vampire Diaries'. Klaus loves Caroline to a point where he's willing to wait for her "however long it takes" and wishes to be "her last", which is a lot considering the two are immortal magical beings and live a super long life.

This is the final season for 'The Originals', which is in its fifth season. Caroline recently made an appearance on the show when Klaus and the rest of New Orleans were hunting for Hayley who had been kidnapped by some rebel vamps.


The fifteen minutes that she was on the show shot our hopes up — the two nostalgically discussed their relationship where the two admitted that they never regretted the relationship and the time they spent together. She eventually goes back to her daughters in Mystic Falls leaving Klaus a letter that said, "I'm just a call away". But Klaus had other priorities at the time and never called her back. 

King also expressed her gratitude about being a part of the very successful spin-off. "I was so grateful that I got to be a part of it. You know, I'm sure a fan of everyone that works on that series, in front of the camera and behind the camera. So it was really fun to be part of it again," she added.

CW has also announced the making of 'Legacies' which is a spin-off of 'The Originals'. It will center around Hope Mikaelson, Klaus' hybrid daughter as well as Alaric Saltzman's twins from The Vampire Diaries. 


'The Originals' airs every Wednesday at 6:30 pm on CW.

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