Candace Owens slammed for calling Ma'Khia Bryant 'knife-wielding maniac': 'I’m begging you not to call her names'

'But the goal now is to convince black people to celebrate criminality,' Owens further added in her controversial tweet

                            Candace Owens slammed for calling Ma'Khia Bryant 'knife-wielding maniac': 'I’m begging you not to call her names'
Candace Owens called Ma'Khia Bryant a 'knife-wielding maniac' (Getty Images)

Controversial commentator and talk show host Candace Owens has come under social media fire once again after she referred to slain Ma'Khia Bryant as a 'knife-wielding maniac' in her tweet. Despite belonging to the Black community herself, Owens sarcastically said, "But the goal now is to convince black people to celebrate criminality so I’m really excited to learn about how heroic, kind, and inspiring this knife-wielding maniac was." Her tweet created an uproar on social media as netizens slammed her for "giving racists the content they want 24-7". 

Sixteen-year-old Ma'Khia from Columbus, Ohio was shot dead by a police officer outside her home on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. According to her mother Paula Bryant, she was an honor roll student and a 'sweet child'. Ma'Khia's death shocked the nation just before the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd.


Ma'Khia Bryant: Bodycam footage shows teen 'attempting' to stab girl before she was shot dead by cop

Who is Paula Bryant? Mom says Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, shot dead by Columbus cop was an honor-roll student




Did Ma'Khia Bryant try to 'stab' a girl before she was shot?

In a bodycam video footage shared by the authorities, one can see an officer approaching the driveway of Bryant's home, as a group of young people was standing there. A young girl, who was later identified as the victim Ma'Khia, can be seen pushing or swinging at someone, who falls to the ground. It can be then seen that she takes a swing at another girl who is on the hood of a car.

Ma'Khia Bryant (GoFundMe)

The officer then fires his weapon, believed to be four times, striking Ma'Khia, who falls to the ground. A black-handled blade that resembles a kitchen knife or steak knife can be seen lying on the sidewalk next to her immediately after she fell. The officer then provides medical aid to the girl who was shot. Based on the footage, it is unclear exactly at what point Ma'Khia got hold of the knife. The officer then tells two other policemen at the scene that Bryant had a knife and was "coming at" the second girl.

'What is actually wrong with Candace Owens'

Candace's tweet about Ma'Khia earned severe backlash from Twitterati as they slammed her 'racist' attitude."Omg Face screaming in fear don’t call her a maniac, maybe in that moment she did not think wisely... but don’t call her that. We don’t know this girl life story, at least show some respect for the dead. Even if she was in the wrong but I’m begging you not to call her names," a user pleaded in response to her tweet. 

"You're post is officially the dumbest one I've read in the past 10 minutes on Twitter. Congratulations!" one user lashed out, while another tweeted, "what is actually wrong with candace owens."

Another accused Candace Owens of racism, saying, "Candace Owens only cares about the color green, as in the green flowing to her bank account."








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