Canadian brothers hailed as heroes for saving grandma's life by performing CPR after she suffers massive heart attack

The siblings remembered what their mom had taught them and executed the procedure perfectly, thus saving grandma's life.

                            Canadian brothers hailed as heroes for saving grandma's life by performing CPR after she suffers massive heart attack

Two brothers from Canada saved their beloved grandmother's life using the skills their mom had taught them just months earlier. The siblings are now being hailed as heroes after they jumped into action and applied themselves. Kian and Grayson Wu, aged nine and seven respectively, were watching a movie at their grandmother's home on November 10 when they realized she wasn't responding to their calls for some snacks.

In a conversation with CBC, Grayson explained how he found his grandma unresponsive on the couch. "She looked really dead. Spit was going back into her mouth. She was grunting a little," he said. It was later understood that 62-year-old Patti Chatterson had suffered a massive heart attack and had gone into cardiac arrest. "It was so scary," Grayson said. "I didn’t want to let our grandma die."


Fascinatingly, the brothers were ready to apply themselves when push came to shove. The boys' mother, Lee Chatterson Wu, had taught them how to administer CPR just five months prior to the incident after they showed interest in the topic while watching a movie with friends, People reports.

Speaking to CBC, Lee, a nurse, said: "There was a little boy there whose parents are medical professionals and they’ve taught their kids things like this. The kids were all downstairs watching a movie and I heard this little boy yell out, 'It’s cardiac arrest, start CPR'. So I made a big deal about it, I said, 'You’re very smart and good job'."

Immediately after noticing their mother's praise, Grayson and Kian asked her to show them how to perform the procedure. "I honestly didn’t think they’d ever need it," Lee told the outlet.


Kian remembered what his mother taught him as soon as he saw his grandmother lying unconscious and started chest compressions while Grayson phoned 911. "We just acted," Kian said.

Grayson then closed his grandma's nose and administered breaths. On the other hand, Kian continued the chest compressions so strongly that he cracked her ribs in the act.

In a conversation with Inside Edition, grandma Patti said: "My older grandson just felt terrible. He was so, so worried because when he was doing the compressions, he heard my sternum crack."

Just moments later, paramedics arrived and rushed her to the hospital, where she woke up a few days later. Despite experiencing some memory loss, she is now home and making a full recovery, according to reports.

Patti lauded how the boys "kept their cool so incredibly well" as she thanked them for saving her life. "You know what, Grandma," Patti recalled Grayson telling her, "I’m not done spending time with you."