Can minors audition for 'American Idol'? Claudia Conway, 16, trolled for playing 'damsel in distress' card

'I’m very nervous but very excited,' Conway said in the promo referring to her parents as 'high-profile political figures' as she faced the judges

                            Can minors audition for 'American Idol'? Claudia Conway, 16, trolled for playing 'damsel in distress' card
Claudia Conway is set to make her debut on the new season of 'American Idol' (Instagram)

Twitter was shocked to find out late on Monday, February 8, that the daughter of former Trump aide, Kellyanne Conway, is going to appear on the latest season of 'American Idol'.

ABC debuted a new promo for the upcoming season of 'American Idol' during Monday night’s episode of 'The Bachelor' which boasted of bringing in “Big Changes” and “Bigger Surprises". During the clip, 16-year-old Claudia Conway was seen walking on stage to audition for the talent show as the camera cut to zoom into the faces of shocked judges Katy Perry and Lionel Ritchie.


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'American Idol' age limit

Back in 2010, 'American Idol' expanded its minimum age limit from 16 to 15 after the enormous popularity of younger singers like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. According to Deadline, the decision was also based on the fact that a large number of younger teen and tween girls had begun to idolize younger contestants like David Archuleta and Aaron Kelly. Prior to that, the talent hunt had stretched the upper age limit from 24 to 28 after the first 3 seasons.


“I’m very nervous but very excited,” Conway said in the promo, referring to her parents as “high-profile political figures” as she faced the judges. The commercial was aired just weeks after she accused her mother of allegedly posting her topless photo on Twitter. Claudia first teased a potential appearance on the 'American Idol' last fall in a video with Perry on her popular TikTok account.

“Claudia and her siblings are taught to be independent self-starters and free thinkers who dream big and aim high. She sets goals and works toward them. Of course, American Idol is next level!” Kellyanne Conway said at the time. “We are proud of Claudia for entering the arena and sharing her beautiful voice and inspirational message about mental health with others.”

Most viewers of 'The Bachelor' were shocked to discover Claudia being featured in the 'American Idol' ad. "We’re going to have to double back on Claudia Conway on American Idol #TheBachelorABC," one of them said while another commented, "Did not have claudia conway being on american idol on my 2021 bingo card." A user quipped, "I feel that Claudia Conway being on American Idol may be the safest place for her to be in years."

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway walks to a brief press conference with reporters outside the White House on January 16, 2020, in Washington, DC (Getty Images)

One remarked, "Kelly Anne looking for Claudia Conway backstage at American Idol #TheBachelor" A user wrote, "When i say i choked at claudia conway on that american idol ad." Another said, "They've shown us the commercial several times, and I still can't process that Claudia Conway auditioned for American Idol."

A commenter tweeted, "WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. ... Claudia Conway is gonna be on American Idol???????????????????????????"














There were also those who began trolling Claudia for using the attention she received over her controversial relationship with her mother to score a spot on the famous show. One wrote, "Oh Claudia Conway, did we not just spend four years finding out what happens when we mix politics and reality TV?" Another reacted with, "So Claudia Conway's topless photos end up being 'leaked' from her mother's account just weeks before this is revealed. Something smells fishy."

One of them said, "So Claudia Conway presented herself to be the damsel in distress locked up in her parents home BUT SOMEHOW FOUND THE TIME TO AUDITION FOR AMERICAN IDOL" A person wrote, "Hi, my name is Claudia Conway and I'll be singing Help!"








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